Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Statistician In Me

Those that know me well will not be surprised by this post I'm about to do. I think I missed my calling and I should have been a statistician. I love tracking numbers and charting things, making lists and stuff of that nature. In that I shall list a few of the things I've tracked this year.

Stitching - I stitched a total of 278 hours for the year. I probably stitched more than that, but there were 2 months that I no stitching totals. Thinking back they were pretty busy months for me, so I could have NOT stitched. I have a hard believing that, but that is what the numbers say. 278 hours works out to 11.5 days of stitching - 24 hours a day. I'm unsure of how I feel about that number. Sometimes I think it should be higher and others, I think it's not too bad.

Stitching Starts and Finishes - Imagine. I finished 4 things and started 4 things. I draw even there. Why is it I feel overwhelmed with how many pieces I've on the go right now? I'm really hoping to mark more off the list than I put on this year. Only time will tell. My best intentions sometimes get lost in the excitement of a new start, a new piece of fabric, fondling and sorting new floss. Oh, the wonders of new starts. Long gone are the days of 1 piece worked until it's finished. Maybe I can back there some day. Who am I kidding?

Books Read - I read 38 books this past year. I would have thought I could get many more read than that, but again, the numbers don't lie. I'm currently in the process of reading 3 books. I don't usually read more than one at a time, although as of late the multiple book reading has gotten worse. It stems from reading books I own, along with getting books from the library. I will set aside a book I own to read those from the library since they're on a dead line.

The three books I'm reading

  • Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants - this book is at Todd's for the times I'm doing nothing and he's doing something. I'm half way finished.
  • The Fiery Cross - this book is at work and I read it when I happen to forget my main novel at home
  • Derailed - My focus novel. I'm about 1/3 of the way through it will hopefully finish it this weekend. A girl can hope right? I'm really wanting to finish this so I can rent the movie.

Concerts - In the past year I attended 5 major concerts. I love concerts which I guess is pretty much stating the obvious. In my attempt to cut back on extra expenses, I'm not going to be attending as many, if any concerts in 2008. Okay, maybe if I can see Keith Urban again, I will.

  1. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
  2. The Police - For Todd - Loved them!
  3. Rush - For Todd - Becoming a Fan -- goodness
  4. Fall Out Boy - with Todd's oldest daughter - better than I expected
  5. Keith Urban - with Lily - still flying high from this one

I think all in all, looking back 2007 was an amazing year for me. I had some wonderful things come in to my life, along with some trials and difficult times. The balance between the good and bad was pretty much in my favour. There were definitely more good happenings than bad. The more difficult things I had to face just made the good things all the sweeter.

Life is good. On second thought - Life is awesome!

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