Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Winds of Change are Blowing Again

Love With A Capital L - still a focus piece, but waiting a bit to work on another of the focus pieces

Hydrangea Harvest - scrapping this as an idea for a friend. I don't know that the gift will be well received, so I'm putting it away for a bit. May or may not finish it for myself.

Job's Tears - my main focus piece for a friend. I may need to give this gift much sooner than initially anticipated.

Summer Breeze - want this to hang above my front door. If I sell this house, this piece will go on a back burner, further back than it already sits.

Wildflower Rhapsody

Enchanted Fairy

Halloween Fairy

Treetop Sampler

My Stocking

Giggles Girl

Middy - never see the person this is being stitched for, why bother?

Angel Proclamation

Be Warm Be Welcome


The Bride - never see the person this is being stitched for, why bother?

So, as always, things are changing around here. I love the quiet contemplation that will sometimes accompany my stitching. I know, when I stitch something for someone I want it to be well received and in a few of the pieces, I don't see the person enough to feel it is worth my time and effort. The same applies with a whether a gift is truly appreciated or not.

For today, this is where I am in regards to what I want to accomplish and in what order. How many times am I going to tinker with my list? Oh, probably at least another dozen times before this year is out. Flighty little thing, I am!

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