Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good things cometh

I don't know how it happened or when it happened. I'm just extremely grateful it did. A little background - Lily is home from school sick today. I told her last night I would be home this morning because I had things to do, but I would be as quiet as possible for her to still sleep while I puttered away.

She got up about an hour ago and we've done nothing but talk and chatter the whole time. She got up and right away noticed that all the trim has been painted. Now the walls still need to be done, so the difference is startling. She said the house will soon enough start too look better, if I just keep at it. And then, "Is there anything, I can do?" I just about shit! I thanked her for her offer, but it was about the time for me to start getting ready for work - darn it.

She then started talking to me about things. She said it's sad to be finally getting the house finished and fixed up only to be possibly selling it. I have to agree with her. She then told me she is going to miss this house (the only home she remembers). I agree with her. Then the tears started, tears from both of us. I tried to reassure her and ask her not to get too concerned because as of right now, there are so many things with the 'new' house that Todd and I aren't even sure it's going to work out for us. She cried extremely hard at times, but continued talking. I gave my darling baby a hug and kiss and left her to her tears and sadness for a bit.

After the initial onslaught of tears, she was ready to talk again and this time the topic path was much different than I could have ever dreamed. I told her Todd, his brother in law, sister and myself were going to see the house on Sunday. Todd's BIL used to sell real estate, so we want him to look at the house with a discriminative eye. I threw out the offer to Lily that she could come along and she said she just might.

The conversation carried on in bits and pieces, with things like I want to see it now -as in NOW. I want to paint MY NEW room light blue with silver accents.... can I get a new bed for my new room? She then asks me what is my favorite thing about the house? My answer 2 bathrooms, which brought great bouts of laughter from her.... we fight over our little itty bitty, badly in need of renovations of a bathroom.

I want to thank each and everyone of you that has posted comments urging me to stay positive and do what I need to do. I hoped Lily would come around eventually, but didn't expect it to happen as fast as all this. I know we will still be faced with numerous trials, be it this house we buy or another one, but for now there is a peaceful calm once again within the walls of my home.

I learn so much everyday. This morning I was exhausted and overwhelmed and feeling more than a bit defeated. This afternoon I feel like a million bucks and as I'm going to be able to win in this situation! Lesson learned - never give up hope. Keep reaching for what you're wanting. Who knows what you might get in the end.
In answer to a few questions posted in the comment section -
Great approach idea from Pumpkin -
I am going to tackle the house room by room. I'm going to have Dave look and see if he can do trim and if he can, I'm going to have him trim out Lily's room - the walls, window and door. I will then paint the trim. I will also see if he can build closet door headers and hang the bedroom door, which will then need painting. If he can do these things for me, Lily's room will be finished.

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