Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Called It! (Strong language - sorry)

I called it! I knew this would happen, but that doesn't make it any better! Princess went to her asshole father's for the weekend . This is the first time she's visited in I don't know how long. Queenie has been living there for a month (don't even get me started on that one). Princess was to be home today, but what do you know? She's not going to be home until tomorrow. I called it! I knew this would happen! Why does it seem I'm the only one concerned about this girl's school attendance? Oh, that would be because I am!

I got the phone call from FN (F-nut) about 45 minutes ago and I've been sitting here fuming ever since. It is the first time I've heard his voice in about 2 years and instantly I felt sick at the sound of it. I was TOLD Princess wouldn't be home and I commented that is was nice of him to TELL me. I got a snippy comment about the weather in response. Convenient that the weather is a concern of his now, because it never used to be. He has been know to take leisurely drives in white out conditions. Once I got the snippy comment about him not wanting to risk the girls' safety, he got dial tone in his ear!

I don't usually swear on my blog nor in type written word, but I'm so fucking sick of his bullshit. As much as I don't have contact with him, the comments that get back to me from various people (my girls included) I'm sick of it. Soon enough, both of my girls will be old enough that they will be making their own decisions (Queenie 12 weeks, Princess 3.5 years) and I'm done with his manipulation.

His goal from day one has been to 'fuck me over' (his words) and I'm so tired of the manipulation of situations and the past. He says that I live my life in a way so as to make his a nightmare. Who cares what he says, but I hate dishonesty and people that aren't accountable to their own actions. It gets old to always be on guard for what he's going to attempt to do from one situation to the next. I feel that he still controls me to a point, when I feel like I do now. I have to reign in my emotions, deal with it the best I can and move on.

I trust him about as far as I could throw him. I know, as well as I know my own name, he will be prompting Princess, as will Queenie probably be, to move there. I can't worry about that anymore. If she's going to go, she's going to go. I know the pressure put on Princess to go up there for Christmas will be huge this weekend too. I don't talk to Princess about the holidays and what I want to do. I leave the decision to her. I can celebrate Christmas with her anytime. I try not to stoop to his level of pressure and talking garbage about him in front of my girls, as much as I know he does me. My hope is that the girls will grow up and see the manipulation for what it is and see that I tried to leave the garbage of our marriage at the door and not dump on them. We'll see how well my plan works!

I'm not going to let this ruin my night. Cute Boy is at work and I'm missing him huge. I'm going to walk the dog then light candles, turn on the christmas tree lights, get in my pajamas, have a tea and stitch while watching some television. All of my favorite things!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Enchanted Fairy 35 Hours

Can you imagine? Another entry pertaining to stitching. I know there are some or one (Krista) out there that wants more substance to this blog. Enough with the books, music and stitching! I know I know! This is all I have right now, and even this is from last week, not even current stitching.

I hope to find my way back to myself and my days filled with more than working and being sick. I've been not feeling myself since Thanksgiving, so much so to the point that I've called in sick 4x since then. I've worked where I work for 9 years before ever calling in sick and now that I'm full time and have sick days, I've called in 4x. Is that a coincidence or I am just really suffering something!

I miss you all bunches and bunches. I am reading, but not always posting replies. That is nasty of me and I'm sorry.

Love and hugs,


Thursday, November 20, 2008


What is that number you ask?

Is it my weight?

Is it a monetary value?

Is it my IQ?

That would be the number of stitches I added to Enchanted Fairy this evening. It has been well over a month since I stitched, so I figured it was high time I turned this train wreck around!

I was able to add 157 stitches in 1.5 hours. After such a long time away, I feel as though I've found my way home. Lets see if I can't build on this number and add something to it tomorrow night too. Now, wouldn't that be something! I keep this up I just might have a progress picture to share by the weekend.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Music Monday

Anything Goes - Randy Houser

Normally this time of night you wouldn't find me here
I'd be reaching for a good night kiss instead of one more beer
I'd never take a second look at the blonde across the bar
Much less invite her over and let things go this far

But anything goes when everything's gone
You ain't around to give a damn whether I do right or wrong
So bring it on, anything goes when everything's gone
Another morning after a crazy night before

I'm searchin' for my blue jeans on a stranger's bedroom floor
Well, shouldn't I feel guilty well I don't feel a thing
I'd wake her up and say goodbye, but I can't recall her name

But anything goes when everything's gone
You ain't around to give a damn whether I do right or wrong
So bring it on, anything goes when everything's gone
If you'd lifted a single thread for me to hold on too

I'd have one good reason not to do the things I do

But anything goes when everything's gone
You ain't around to give a damn whether I do right or wrong
So bring it on, anything goes when everything's gone
Anything goes

Anything goes when everything's gone

My new favorite song for right now, anyway. There is something so poignant in the lyrics it pains my wee heart.

Divorced, Desperate and Delicious - Christie Craig

When her dog Fabio brings home a stray, an on-the-run detective named Chase Kelly, eccentric photographer Lacy Maguire uses this opportunity to recover from her broken heart with the help of this very sexy man.

Book #31 - I knocked this one off in a single day. It was just what I needed after the guts of gore my previous read and for my current state of mind. Cute works as a description. Better than most fluff offerings.

Blindsighted - Karin Slaughter

The sleepy town of Heartsdale, Georgia, is jolted into panic when Sara Linton, paediatrician and medical examiner, finds Sibyl Adams dead in the local diner. As well as being viciously raped, Sibyl has been cut: two deep knife wounds form a lethal cross over her stomach. But it's only once Sara starts to perform the post-mortem that the full extent of the killer's brutality becomes clear. Police chief Jeffrey Tolliver - Sara's ex-husband - is in charge of the investigation, and when a second victim is found, crucified, only a few days later, both Jeffrey and Sara have to face the fact that Sibyl's murder wasn't a one-off attack. What they're dealing with is a seasoned sexual predator. A violent serial killer ...

Book # 30 - OMG! This has to be one of the more disturbing books I've ever read. I was gagging and sputtering at parts. I will be definitely looking to read the rest in the series. My mind must be more demented than I realize.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kitchen Krazy of the Good Kind

This is the table that Cute Boy and I bought today for the new house. Pam and I went shopping on Wednesday afternoon and found this beautiful table set. Cute Boy and I went back today to look at it. I only wanted him to see it, see if he liked it or not. It is more than he was wanting to pay, but we walked away with it anyway. Leon's was having a tax free weekend on Ashley Furniture, so it was an opportunity to save 13%.

After finishing up with the kitchen sales lady we headed to the Appliance section where we decided on a new fridge, stove, microwave and and dishwasher. The fridge and dishwasher were on for such an incredible price Cute Boy felt it was worth it to put a downpayment on them and hold them for when we buy our home. Between just the fridge and dishwasher alone we saved about $900.00! WOOHOO for us.

The appliances are all black and soooo pretty! Now, the only large appliances left to buy would be the washer and dryer. We have the item numbers for the pair we want, but chose not to buy them today! I'm good with that.

I'm so excited with what we have bought so far. Today was a fun day, albeit an expensive one.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Tailspin - Catherine Coulter

FBI Special Agent Jackson Crowne is flying his Cessna over the Appalachians, with a very important passenger: renowned psychiatrist Dr. Timothy MacLean; their destination is Washington, D.C. Upon their arrival, the FBI will protect the doctor - and ascertain just who wants him dead.

But they don't make it.

In San Francisco, married FBI Special Agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock take an early morning phone call from their supervisor, Jimmy Maitland. Maitland received a Mayday from Jackson in the mountains near Parlow, Kentucky, and sends Savich and Sherlock to see what's happened.

Agent Crowne is able to bring his plane down in a narrow valley and haul the unconscious Dr. MacLean from the burning wreckage before it explodes. Their crash is witnessed by Rachael Abbott, a young woman on the run after the mysterious death of her father. When Savich and Sherlock arrive on the scene, they find Jackson and Rachael in the Parlow clinic and Dr. MacLean comatose in the local hospital, prognosis unknown. What they do know frightens them: Dr. MacLean was recently diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia, and in the months prior to the crash his behavior had become erratic and alarmingly uninhibited, his ability to maintain doctor-patient confidentiality badly compromised. With a patient list made up of Washington movers and shakers, MacLean's role as a keeper of secrets is jeopardized as well. Is there someone out there so desperate that they'd kill the doctor for what he knows? It is up to Jackson, Savich, and Sherlock to find out - no matter the cost.

Book #29 - It took me forever to finish this book. It was a combination of being busy and, sadly, the story being typical, so I struggled at times. I get tired of the perfect life, even considering the problems in the lives of the character, the perfect guy for the perfect girl - always happily ever after once the current problem is solved.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Snowman Sweetness

Have you very seen a cuter snowman decoration? I bought this a couple weeks ago when I was shopping in the states. I thought it was the cutest little thing.

I put away my Halloween decorations this morning and replaced the candle on the blanket box with this little critter. I may not like my current living arrangement, but I'll definitely be surrounded by cute little Christmas decorations. It was a small smile this morningl and I loved it!

Monday, November 03, 2008

November Yankee Stadium Distance Challenge

October's Distance - 42.55KM
Distance Remaining - 207.57

1 - 1.52
2 - .76
3 - 2.46

4 - .76
5 - 1.52
6 - 1.52
7 - .1.52 (10.06)
8 - 1.52
9 - .76
10 - 1.52 (12.86)
11 - 1.52
12 - .76
13 - .76
14 - 1.52
15 - .76
16 - 2.28
17 - 1.52
18 - .76
19 - .76
20 - .76 (24.26)
21 - .76
22 -
23 -
24 - .76
25 - .76
26 -
27 - .76
28 - .76
29 - .76
30 - .76

Housing Update

Here is the most recent pic of the house. It really is supposed to be of the house NOT the car. Nice car though eh! :) From this angle and distance you can't really see what I would love for you to see, the front door. It is much prettier than you can see from this distance.

Things are moving along. The electrician has been in and started running wires. The plumber is supposed to be in sometime soon.

There was a trip this weekend that saw me in Ottawa picking up cabinetry knobs. A couple hundred dollars later and that is one more thing taken care of.

I was holding out on posting this since it is my 500th post. I was hoping I would have my specialtly floss from the Cross Stitch Cupboard in Ottawa, but sadly that didn't happen. Cute Boy and I opted to spend time with his awesome neice instead, so it was for a great reason not to backtrack further in to Ottawa.

Anyway, I'm out of here for another little bit.

Love ya!