Friday, February 29, 2008

Updates All Around

It seems that is all I'm doing anymore is updating.

Scott is done at my house for the time being. He has done all he can do until Cute Boy finishes the drywall, priming and laying of the floor. I will then have to call Scott back to come and finish the trim and the door for under the stairs.

Now the fun begins for me. I have to paint. I hate painting. I have begged off to have Cute Boy paint the ceilings, if I could only convince him to do all the other painting. It would look so much better if he did it. I revel at his painting abilities.

My bathroom is completely finished and decorated. I took a picture today, but my Picture It program kept shutting down with an error. I have to say I'm really happy with how it turned out. I will keep plugging away with the camera and program so I can share with you.

I'm struggling with finding a pattern for a very special friend. I'll keep at it. I've not been stitching much lately. My last round of frogging has taken the fun out of it for me for a bit. I'll be back and I will deal with that little critter once and for all!

There is a month long Stitch-a-thon on the Cross Stitch Crazy board starting tomorrow. I always look forward to this and this month is nothing new. I'm hoping to get my special square started and finished as well finishing up with Love!

I went to the doctor's today. I've been experiencing this strange sensation in my torso, just above my breasts to my hip bones, pretty much. Do you remember what it feels like to stick a wet finger on a 9volt battery? That is the sensation that runs from the top of my torso to the bottom, never bottom up. I've been paying attention to when this sensation happens to see if I can discover a pattern. There is nothing. It could happen when I sneeze, laugh, sitting still, absolutely no commonality whatsoever.

The doctor said he's never heard of such a thing. Sarcasm here - no shit sherlock! Seriously though, he had me lay down and do a few neurological exams testing my strength and reflexes. He touched my skin in various spots for sensitivity. Nothing there. Just ticklish.

I'm still extremely concerned although he doesn't seem to be in the slightest. He seems more puzzled than concerned. I would have expected a blood pressure test, blood work, check my heart something, but it was just the simple neurological exam. I'm not a hypochondriac or anything like that, but I would have expected more than this.

I talked to him about my sleep problems and he was just as unhelpful with that as he was with my special sensations. He asked me if I drink a lot of coffee. I drink tea and have cut back. He asked me if I eat a lot of chocolate.... ummmm I'm not even going there, and asked if I drink a lot of pop. As a rule I don't drink a lot of pop. That was about it. Nothing there to help me.

I would say all in all my appointment was a major waste of time. I did find out that he is retiring. I'm surprised he hasn't retired long before this. I'm to not let that factor into the equation of why he seemed so lacsidasical in his approach to my concerns today. I'll try not to worry, but I know myself better than that.

I'm off to stitch for a bit while here at work. Hopefully it is forward progress today.

Happy stitching days to you all.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Housing Update

I'm thinking this might be a blog heavy day! There is so much progress being made now. I can barely keep up with it all.

The red items are what is finished!

Lily's Room
Paint the header needs repair still nowhere near good enough
Hang the closet door
Hang the trim around the room, door and window
Hang the curtains - thinking of not hanging them since we have to leave them anyway.

Spare Room
Hang the closet door
Hang the trim around the room, door and window
Paint the door

Mud and sand one last coat in bathroom
Install the light fixture - being done right now
Install the mirror - being done right now
Caulk the floor/tub area - will be done by the end of the day

Paint the door

Dining Room
Install crown moulding

Paint the ceiling

Front Entrance way
Install the crown moulding
Repair and install trim around ledges
Coat the stair treads with clear varnish
Install the stair treads to the basement

Prime Paint
Prime the door to the garage and under the stair storage area
Build door to the under stair storage area
Hang the door over the electrical panel
Lay the floor
Hang the trim at the floor and around the doors

Clean it and organize it 3/4 of the way complete

I'm seeing a lot more red than not and I couldn't be happier. There are still some major jobs that need to be tackled but that is for Todd and the contractor. I'm really useless at this point in time. I'm a cleaner and a decorator, this I've learned. I'm happy with that except for these moments when I feel as though my ability to help has come to pass. Oh hell, who cares! It's getting done right?

I was really hoping this wouldn't happen, but it has. I'm really starting to love my house again. I'm working on not letting things affect me emotionally. I'm still working through not making the house the way I want it to be, but to keep it general and simple!

I'm off to do my bit with my broom and dust pan! Thanks for all the support. Hoping to have pictures up sometime tomorrow.

Horoscope Hilarious

A desire to create something beautiful and yet practical might find you making a huge investment of time and resources into a creative project. You're always one to push yourself too hard, but don't do that today. You're likely to sabotage the very results you're trying to create. Your mind could be spinning too quickly, and you might not be able to focus. Slow down a little. It's OK not to get everything done at once.

I highlighted the hilarious points of the horoscope. Doesn't have me too pegged!

I'm off now to take pics of the progress from yesterday. There was lots so I'm super excited.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gym Girl Rises To The Occasion

Stop the presses! Stop the presses! I made it to the gym today and the alarm didn't even go off. It didn't go off because I'm back in my bad sleep pattern. I was laying awake at 3:30ish and finally gave up at 4am and started puttering around the house. I had one load of laundry finished before leaving the house. How pathetic is that?

It was good to get to the gym although my triceps are killing me! I didn't take much distance off my totals to Yankee Stadium. I'm happy though because I broke in to the 400's, so as much as the numbers are small all together they are adding up.

February Total - pitiful, I know
Feb 27 - 2.7 KM
Total KM's to go: 489.4

That's all for now. I'll be back later with updates about my house and my stitching.

Talk later

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Life As I Know It

The MIA contractor has been found. I feel like such a heel I can't even tell you. I called last week and left a message with no reply. I'd had about enough and called again today and was going to leave a snippy message. He picked up and explained he'd been out of town because his mother was sick. I understand that, I really do, but is my expecting a call too much to ask? I don't do bitchy well, but I was about ready to lose it. All things said and done the work will continue and I'm hoping it won't take too much longer and I can list my house.

Scott came by today, totally unexpected and packed up the garage filled garbage and carted it off to the dump. WOOHOO! I can see the garage floor. I could get really ingenious and probably get my car parked in there. I've owned my new car now for over a year and it has never been over the garage threshold. Poor wee car.

Cute Boy, the lucky bum, listed his house today. I'm so beyond jealous! It is really happening and I couldn't be happier than I am in this very minute. Even surrounded with all the uncertainty with my own renovations and listing of my own house I'm just ecstatic with the path my life is taking right now! It's amazing how life can seem so bleak one day and so full of hope and promise the next. It's my life, I'm living it and I sometimes can believe my luck and good fortune. I still look at him some days and ask myself, 'Wow, this is really you and him'. Who'd a thunk it? Definitely not me. Life has a funny way of working out sometimes!

Things, as usual, have been crazy busy. I've still not been to the gym. That will change as of tomorrow morning. I got a new work out journal tonight, so I want to christen it with Krista! I've given her my word and I've broken it so much as of late so I must hold true to this one! 5am and the alarm will be ringing. I must answer the call. I will probably die at the gym, but I must be there.

That being said, I'm not going to work overly hard. I've been having issues with some sort of funky sensation in my chest lately. I get this sensation in my torso, that feels like I'm touching a 9volt battery. Very strange and unsettling. I have a doctor's appointment on Friday and I'm a little concerned and a lot curious. It happens at various times and with no frequency or common contributing factor that I can see. It opens up a whole lot of emotional issues with my mother dying at such a young age (that would be another post entirely). I'm trying not to stress about it which I know will help nothing, but it is in the back of my mind constantly causing me to wonder.

I went to visit my in-laws last night. I haven't seen them in so long that it borders abuse. I have to tell you. I love these two people like no other. They are so good to me. They are sooo happy for Cute Boy, and I, so supportive of my life, my parenting, my decisions. It means more to me than they could ever realize. Simple words can't do justice to my affection for them. It took the end of my marriage and that toxic environment to realize what gems these two people really are!

Mike (my FIL) has such a love for his grand kids it's out of this world. Brenda (my MIL) does too, but when you see Mike's face beaming with pride just looking at Lily, it's enough to bring a tear to your eye. Okay, so maybe it did bring tears to my eyes. Lily was saying tonight how incredible it is to know you're loved so much by another person. It's really very special.

I've been busy tonight too. I went to Kurt and Krista's to check out their new place. In a word - sweet! They did good. I popped in at dinner time (bad girl) and they had me stay. Krista the wonderful host she is cooked up scrumptious pork chops and funky mashed potatoes... they were really good! I felt like I ate and ran, but they have things to do and I would have just been in the way. Not to mention I should be doing stuff at my own house right now.... not blogging. Oh well, what to do. Cute Boy and I are going to look at our schedules so we can try and get over and visit together. As always, it promises to be fun!

Not much going on on the stitching front. I have a little pattern I have to whip up in short order. It is for a very special woman going through a hellish time. I'll post all about it when I finish my piece. I tip my hat to the organizers of this wonderful gesture of friendship and support. I'm honoured to be a part of your lives! Thank you.

I'm off to do what needs to be done on many fronts.

As always, happy stitching days to you!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

180 Hours and Nothing!

This post should be filled with a vision of beauty, Love at 180 hours. I could post it, but what would be the use. What you would see is the efforts of my frog trying to one up me. He wins this round! :) That damn amphibian. Trying to keep things positive I could thank the frog since he has enabled me to spend more time with Love than I would otherwise have done. That's it - thank you. I shall kill him with kindness since nothing else is working!

I'm still plugging away on Love and as much as I've had problems with it, I'm loving it. No pun intended. This piece still holds the allure that drew me in in the first place. That is really something.

I'll be back sooner rather than later with an update and a lovely pic to share.

Renovations are still dragging on. I've still not heard from the contractor. Today marks 2 weeks. I called and left him a message and still have heard nothing. Todd is heading over to my place this morning/afternoon to prime my basement, so that is something! I have to be happy with anything getting done at this point. Soon very very soon!

Happy stitching days to you!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Listing Day Is Passing Me By

Today was the day I was hoping to list my house, but things have not worked out quite the way I had planned. Life's like that sometimes.

I will list the things that still need to be done:

Princess' Room
  • Paint the header
  • Hang the closet door
  • Hang the trim around the room, door and window
  • Hang the curtains

Spare Room

  • Hang the closet door
  • Hang the trim around the room, door and window
  • Paint the door


  • Mud and sand one last coat in bathroom
  • Paint
  • Install the light fixture
  • Install the mirror
  • Caulk the floor/tub area
  • Paint the door

Dining Room

  • Install crown moulding


  • Paint the ceiling

Front Entranceway

  • Paint
  • Install the crown moulding
  • Repair and install trim around ledges
  • Coat the stair treads with clear varnish
  • Install the stair treads to the basement


  • Prime
  • Paint
  • Prime the door to the garage and under the stair storage area
  • Build door to the under stair storage area
  • Hang the door over the electrical panel
  • Lay the floor
  • Hang the trim at the floor and around the doors


  • Clean it and organize it

There is a lot that still needs to be done, but all in all things are coming together as much as this list seems incredibly long. I'm trying to return to my positive outlook because I feel as though lately I've become a Negative Nelly and I don't like it.

I will come back here as things are finished and update my list.

I thank all of you for your support while I fumble my way through this life changing event. It means more to me than you can imagine.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bathroom Bear and Basket

Here is my little bear that will sit on the back of my toilet. I was looking for a silver coloured basket which I was going to fill with light blue and white face clothes rolled up to give the bathroom some colour. I borrowed baskets from Pam, but the toilet lid is sloped and everything kept falling down. I came up with taking my country bear from my bookcase and propped her up there. What do you think? Her legs can't hang down or she'd slide right in to the tank. I don't think she'd much approve. Not that I can say I blame her!

I found this basket at The Bay. I had seen it before, but my mind wasn't heading in this direction at the time. I rediscovered it again tonight and it seemed perfect to fill up the corner, do a little decorating with a bit of colour and limited expense. Again, what do you think? In the store, Princess was concerned about the colour being wrong. She has since changed her mind and we both think it really brings out the rustic colours of the floor.

As you can see the flooring/wall area is still lacking in trim. That would be because my contractor has seriously gone MIA again. I'm going to see if when Cute Boy is in in the morning if can do the wee bit of dry wall mudding that needs to be done to get the bathroom paint ready. I don't think he'll mind, but he shouldn't have to since... oh hell. I'm not even going there tonight.

I think, I'm finished with the bathroom purchasing now other than the spray paint and I just have to remember that when I'm at Walmart next. I'm spray painting a white picture frame light blue then sanding it to a rustic state to show through the white underneath. Of course, I'll post pics when I'm finished the little job as well.

We're getting closer ladies, oh so much closer! How relieved are you?

I'm off to stitch for the night. It may be difficult though, trying to keep one eye on my stitching and my other on the look out for that damn frog!

Happy stitching days to you!

Sexy Shoe Score

Princess and I went to the mall tonight so she could hand out resumes for a new job. While there we decided to cruise around and do some shopping.

I came home with these little beauties.
They cost me a whopping $15.00, regular price $49.99. Princess bought the exact same pair. To be honest, I copied her. LOL I couldn't resist for that price. I have no idea where I'm going to be wearing them, but it is certainly a break from the renovations that have been taking up most all my free time and thoughts.

Awwww to feel like a girlie girl for even a minute.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Wicked Weekend

I think I need 3 day weekends more often. They would rock, but the money or lack thereof would bite.

I had an extensive list of things I needed/wanted to get done this weekend and as much as I didn't take care of everything on the list, I did lots plus things that I didn't expect to accomplish. So there! Take that house! I win this round!!

The list is long and I will list it, not that I expect anyone to read it all.

  • Primed bathroom door and Lily's bedroom door
  • Primed the door to the laundry room
  • Painted the picture frame I want to hang in the bathroom
  • Vacuumed computer room of drywall dust. Not once, but twice!
  • Sanded both closet headers
  • Primed both closet headers
  • Bin painted (stain covering paint) the trim
  • Cleaned the spare room. You can actually move in there now
  • Cleaned the kitchen area from being a dumping ground. Made Lily smile, so was worth effort
  • Washed the living room floor
  • Did all the laundry
  • Shovelled the driveway some - hate this job!
  • Put out the garbage
  • Painted the attic door
  • Cleaned some of the garage. Looks worse than ever!
  • Touched up paint on Lily's ceiling
  • Cut and installed new transition piece for Lily's bedroom floor
  • Painted the kitchen and put it back together again. Stuff on the walls! WOOHOO Lily helped with the painting. Actually, she didn't most of it. That kid rocks!

For fun this weekend I watched Nascar on Sunday, after doing open houses with Lily. Nothing much to report on that front. Not much to report on the Nascar front either. The Hendricks Team did not have a great showing on Sunday, minus Dale Jr.! That was cool. Poor Jimmie.

I stitched this weekend which wasn't a success either. It was more frogging than not. I had to pull out another full section. I hadn't thought about any further mistakes from my mistake from my frogging a couple weekends ago, but I should have. I had a line placed wrong that I discovered about a month ago and just last night I realized I counted the 2 following lines in the verse from an incorrect spot. It was heart wrenching to frog, but it wasn't something I could fudge nor something I would want to fudge with this particular piece. It means too much to me to be making it up as I go, especially this far in.

My most recent setback will hinder my goal of finishing this piece in February. I have to remember stitching is about the journey and it is not a race. I still very much love this piece and look forward to being able to pick it up again. I made sure to complete all frogging so I could pick it up again knowing all was good with it and it was forward progress rather than the backwards slide I've been experiencing as of late. Maybe I should put my stitching away until things are settled in my personal life because I've never had so many frogging episodes ever!

I do have pics to show of my kitchen but my picture program is being a crap head as we speak, so they will have to wait for another day.

Okay, I couldn't give up so easily. I don't all the pics, but here are a few that will at least give an idea of the difference.

This was taken waaaaay back when...

These were taken earlier this evening. Big difference!

Until next time, happy stitching days to you!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snow Everywhere

Even the inside of my house is covered with snow. If it's not enough that I have snowbanks taller than me, outside at the end of my driveway, I'm surrounded by white crap in the house too.

This would be my basement yesterday after Cute Boy had finished the sanding. Is there a more annoying substance to clean than that of drywall dust? This fine particle dust is in everything I own. It has been tracked upstairs compliments of the dog, on wet fur. Oh what a lovely mess that created. I washed the front room floor which will in the end, be fruitless.

I feel so very negative about these house renovations and it is very upsetting. I feel as though I'm always ragging on someone about something and I hate it! The frustrating thing, as much as Scott has said I can pay him when the house sells, I think he's become complacent with getting things finished. I don't think I'll hire him as a contractor again, as matter of fact, I know I wont. When he did work for me before it was through another company that contracts Scott out, but this time it was me contacting Scott directly. I've not seen him since last Saturday. I've talked with him numerous times about my expectations, the hopeful listing date, everything. I've explained to him, my agent's views on the importance of timing in the housing market and I don't think he's getting it. As a matter of fact, I know he's not getting it. My agent said mid-February, I'know I'm very anal, but mid February was Thursday or Friday, depending how you look at it. Military postings are going out soon and my agent wants to hit that market. I've no time for an MIA contractor.

There is progress being made though, so as much as I'm hating the mess I have to live with it - for now. Cute Boy came over this morning again to do a coat of mud on some spots he couldn't do yesterday because I ran out of compound. I'm extremely greatful since he is doing this work for me after a midnight shift, before he heads to bed. Cute Boy will be back in the morning to do another sanding. Oh joy, more drywall dust. He is hoping to only have to do two coats, then its on to the primer, paint, flooring and trim.

Princess and I are heading out to open houses today which I'm looking forward to doing with her. Just being able to hang out with her is always fun and to do so while looking at houses, all the better.

I will be coming home after the looking and plunking myself in front of the television with my stitching and watching the boys of Nascar tearing it up. Go Jimmie Go!

Off to get showered and get rid of the layer of drywall dust covering me. If only cleaning the house were as easy as a shower is for me!

Until next time, happy stitching days to you!

Friday, February 15, 2008

2 Days Until The Big One

I'm excited to report another major sport happening in my world. It is the kick off of I'm off this weekend with a list as long as your arm of things I need/want to accomplish. One thing that I will be doing, without doubt is watching all the action.

I'm hoping for a lot of this this year and would even be satisfied with a few victories thrown in. I'm a sentimental Junior fan. So if it's not Jimmie, I'm good with it being Junior taking the checkered flag.

I have to say, last night Cute Boy and I were flicking between CSI and the Dual race when much to my utter delight, Cute Boy said next year we should try and catch a Nascar race. I could have fallen off the couch I was so stunned. You see, Cute Boy isn't much of a Nascar fan, and struggles to keep the channel tuned to the race, so his statement threw me for a bit of a loop. Okay, a lot of a loop. His idea is, we try to catch a race and a Montreal Canadians game down in Florida at the same time. It will take some discussing and some planning to make it work, but just the idea of a Nascar race is more than I could ever imagine - OMG!!!!!!

For me, to have visited Yankee Stadium and then the possibility of a trip to a Nascar race, is more than this little girl's wildest dreams!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spring Training

I can barely contain my excitement knowing today is the start of Spring Training. Catchers and pitchers report today and I, for one, couldn't be happier. This is the beginning of the best part of the year for me. It is for this, I live!

It would be a perfect world for me if I were able to get the American satellite dish service. The YES Network use to be my best friend from April until September, but no longer. I have to get 90% of my updates on the websites and they just don't fill the voild that is now me without the 24/7 access to the Yankees!

I'm looking forward to this new year, with Joba Chamberlain and the new players the Yankees
have picked up. I'm hoping that the steroid garbage subsides and doesn't tarnish the entire season. I'm of a mixed mind with the steroid controversy and will not use my blog to further generate the discussion. I'm not educated enough in the whole sordid mess, but wish it would come to some sort a conclusion and baseball, the actual playing, could move to the forefront once again.

The boys of summer are about the take the field. Enjoy the show! I know, I for one, will be looking forward to the Yankees 2008 season!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stop The Insanity!

I just consumed my 6th egg of the year! Yummy Life is good!!!

Feb 18 - Egg # 7 didn't stand a chance.
Feb 19 - Egg # 8 - damn it!
Feb 20 - Egg #9 - My rear is looking like an egg
Feb 21 - Egg #10 - I give up!
Feb 23 - Egg #11
Feb 27 - Egg #12
Feb 28 - Egg #13
Mar 1 - Egg #14
Mar 11- Egg #15

I Wish

I wish for:

  • The smell of skunk. It is the 'real' sign of spring for me.
  • The snow to stop falling. I love snowmen. I don't want to be one.
  • A clean house. The renovation mess is upsetting my balance of clean and orderly.
  • Time to stitch. I miss the feel of the fabric and floss between my fingers.
  • An opportunity to sleep in. Sleeping later than 7:30a would be a small piece of heaven.
  • Time to spend with friends. An afternoon on Velda's couch is long overdue.
  • A book finish. It is mid-February and I've yet to finish a novel this year.
  • Peace around me. I've not felt a sense of peace in so long I can't remember when was the last time I've felt peaceful.
That's all. I'm off to enjoy my day with my peppermint tea not too far from my side.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Tunes - You Can Let Go

You Can Let Go - Crystal Shawanda

Wind blowin' on my face
Sidewalk flyin' beneath my bike
A five year-old's first taste
Of what freedom's really like
He was runnin' right beside me
His hand holdin' on the seat
I took a deep breath and hollered
As I headed for the street


You can let go now, Daddy
You can let go
Oh, I think I'm ready
To do this on my own
(It's still) (It still feels) a little bit scary
But I want you to know
I'll be okay now, Daddy
You can let go

Between the two loves of my life
To one I've been a daughter
To one I soon would be a wife
When the preacher asked,
'Who gives this woman?'
Daddy's eyes filled up with tears
He kept holdin' tightly to my arm
Til I whispered in his ear

(Repeat Chorus)

The strongest man I ever knew
Wastin' away to nothin'
In that hospital room
'You know he's only hangin' on for you'
That's what the night nurse said
My voice and heart were breakin'
As I crawled up in his bed, and said

You can let go now, Daddy
You can let go now,
Daddy I can do this on my own
It's gonna be a little bit scary
But I want you to know I'll be okay now, Daddy

You can let go
You can let go

This is my current favorite song. I finally was able to hear the singer's name clear enough and catch what I figured to be the title do a google search that took me to the right place. This song is so heart-tugging. I especially struggle with it in spots because of the estrangement with my own father. Oh what to do!?

Monday, February 11, 2008

House Updates and Stitching Chatter

My contractor made it back to my house on Saturday. He is now feeling better so is hoping to make some progress. He's been held up some from being sick and in trying to find a contractor to do the drywalling. He couldn't find anyone, so as it sits now he's going to try and do the taping and mudding himself. He says he's slow and not the best at it, but right now I don't care!

I had a drywall contractor come in and look at my house last week. Can you say total waste of time?! I wanted to throw him out of my home in less than five minutes. He wanted to tear out all the work that had been done, inspect the electrical and all this garbage about this that and the next thing. GRRRR

Back to my contractor, Scott. I have some issues with the drywall tape letting go in the front of my house, so the repair will be somewhat extensive. To combat the trouble, we, as though I have anything to do with it, I'm just paying for it. He is going to install crown moulding around the front of my entryway. It will also have to be installed in my dining room as well since I now have drywall compound on the stucco and there is nothing to repair the stucco. The dining room alone will be an additional $40-50 to repair. Oh what's another $50, added to a bill of a couple thousand!?

Todd and I spent another 2+ hours looking at houses yesterday. We looked at 4 pre-owned and 4 or 5 model homes. There are certain things about both pre-owned and model homes we liked, it's just deciding what to do. How is it with more information, I'm more confused now than when we began yesterday? It's a little bit funny, but not!

We looked at a resale home in my neighbourhood, that the more I think about it, I love it. There are so many upgrades and things we wouldn't have to do to bring it to the level we would like it to be. I think it would fit in really well with the '5 year plan'. When I see Todd tonight we'll have to talk about it and see where his head is. His youngest daughter asked us, after we'd seen all the houses, if we had to choose one right now, which would it be and we both answered this house. That is a good sign! :)

On a stitching front, if one even exists, there is a SAT this week on the Cross Stitch Crazy board. I have the best of intentions to contribute, but I'm not sure how much since this week's work schedule is not conducive to good stitching time. If I'm able to find the time, I'll definitely be adding to my Love piece.

Pumpkin - Sorry to hear about the flooring bubble. One good thing is you noticed it before too much time had passed and it was near the end of the job. The one good thing about the new laminate is that it is click and not glue. The original laminate in my home is the glue! GRRRR If only we'd waited another year or so before installing the laminate we'd have click lock throughout and not the glue.

Happy stitching days to you

Friday, February 08, 2008

Love with Capital L - 170 hours

I'm back with an update of sorts. It is backwards progress I made this rotation. I'll not take the blame for this one. It's all that darn frog! I've had my way with him once for all on this piece. He has been exhiled from my home to not return while I'm in the process of finishing up this piece.

You can faintly see the outline where I pulled out my stitches. There is never a good time to discover a mistake, but this close to the finish just seems all the more painful to me. Oh well, all is gone and done with now. I'm moving forward on this piece in a positive manner and soon enough I'll have my first finish of 2008. Imagine that would ya!?
Thanks for looking and your kind comments.
Happy stitching days to you.

The Love is Gone

I finally finished frogging LOVE. It was painful to do and took me about 4 hours. I started frogging it on Sunday and didn't pick my stitching back up until this evening. As much as I missed working on my stitching, I just didn't have the heart to frog anymore.

I've now started working on the row above Love. I'll not count down to restart Love until I completely finish the line above. This is a piddly part of the design which is part of the reason I started on the LOVE portion to begin with. That will teach me, eh!

In house related news, I've been busy. When am I not though? I caulked the trim in the hallway today. I did the door trim and all the floor trim. It looks much better than when I began. I primed my bedroom door yesterday. I now have to do Princess' door, the spare room and bathroom door. The primer on it's own, without paint looks pretty good. If time gets short I'm sure I could get away with just a coat of primer. Not my way of doing things, but there may be sacrifices that have to be made.

Pam and I went shopping today. Oh what fun. It has been ages since we've been able to just hang out. We went and bought the other candle holder for my room and silver coloured bathroom shower hooks. I'm now on the quest to find a little silver basket type thing to go on the back of my toilet to up rolled up face clothes to add a little colour in an inexpensive manner. I did a little valentine's shopping for the girls. That was about it for me. I lived vicariously through Pam and her shopping today. She closed on her new house today and there were things she needed to buy, so I tagged along! Better her pocket book taking a bang than mine.

Today is Queenie's 17th Birthday. It is a day mixed with joy and more than a little sadness. How is it that you try so hard to do your best and things just don't turn out quite the way you envisioned them. The biggest crap shoot in life is the one in which you're raising children. I only pray and hope her life path takes her somewhere successful and safe. I've tried to do what I can to guide her, but I think my influence is long passed and no longer desired.

I don't know that life, when I was first separated caused me as much concern and worry. I was very sad and broken hearted, but I never feared for my future. The future of my daughter, I fret about almost constantly. I love my children dearly and have never for a minute regretted the decision to have them. That being said, I never wanted children, as much as they are a blessing and a most wonderful gift. I find it ironic, I was the one that was hesitant to have children. I didn't think I was the nurturing type, didn't think I could do a child justice. The irony being, I am essentially a single parent facing the struggles of doing the best I can in an ugly situation. To parent two children in a marriage, the marriage dies and then to be thrust into the role of decision maker, the support system, the go-to, the taxi, the one to dump on when life doesn't work out for them, is a lot. The upside is that I share in the everyday of Princess' life. No greater gift than that, could I find. As much as I would love to in share in Queenie's everyday as well, that is not where we are right now.

Sorry for the melancholy and heavy hearted, but the brain started going and the fingers followed along.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tribute to Pumpkin

It is wondeful this world wide web. It makes the world seem a smaller more intimate place. There are dangers to be wary of, and cautions that should be observed when conversing with others. Are the people really who they are portraying? Who's to know?

I've been a member of a
Cross Stitch Crazy board for so long know, I can't remember how long it actually is anymore. Could it be really all that long, or is my memory finally starting to go? I've found many friends on 'my board' as I fondly refer to it. A kinder group of women, you'll never find. The women that make up this board have held my hand, and cradled my heart in the darkest of times. I could never repay them for the friendship, kindness and support they've graciously bestowed upon me.

I've not been a member of the blogging community all that long, but long enough to know I'm loving it. There are some incredible people to befriend. There is entertaining and thought inspiring posts every single day. There have been posts made world wide, that at one time or another I could have written myself. Google reader has become my best internet friend. It is my first click in the morning while my e-mails come in. I love my e-mail so much more now that I have blogger, because it is through e-mail that I find out if I've said something profound or silly enough to prompt another in the blogger community to respond. I love the comments! They are so true and heartfelt. It brings me a wee smile to know you've thought enough to take time out of your busy day to send a kind word my way.

So, in the title,
Tribute to Pumpkin, I've made a friend in the blogger community. I can't recall how it is I stumbled upon her blog, but I'm certainly glad I did. I love all things fall and pumpkin, so the name caught my eye and the content caught my attention. I remember one of the first posts I read was about her DH losing his job and the subsequent 'OMG moments' of a life changing event. I was intrigued with how this was going to play out for her! I'm glad to report that things are looking up! WOOHOO to you and DH!!!!

Pumpkin, as we both now read up on each others lives, I have to say - I love your blog. It is the first one I read each day you have a new post. You hadn't posted since Monday and I was starting to worry that things were okay with you. I saw that you posted about your nutty squirrels, so all is well. I will rest easy now.

You handle yourself with class and hilarity in your posts, that just keep me coming back for more. I salute your fight of fibromyalgia (my MIL suffers and I feel so much for her, so I can only imagine some of the things you face) and your dealing with your breast cancer. Your post about body image, had me in tears (I couldn't reply - sorry). Your comments on my blog, about my wanting breast implants, I apologize if my posting my desire was insensitive. I still want them, but you make me sit back and rethink my desire. For that, thank you (although I still really want them - sorry for that too)

I'm a Cadbury Creme Egg junkie. I'm not as bad as you, but it was the Egg that had me thinking of this post to honour you. I just inhaled my 5th egg of the year. Now, when I'm craving, buying and inhaling an egg it is with you in mind. Now, isn't that something that warms your heart?!

I see now, no matter how big our world a friend is only a click, a keystoke, or a blog away. I thank you for your blog, I thank you for your comments. I'm not yet sure if I'm going to thank you for my bigger rear end at the end of the Cadbury Creme Egg season. I'll get back to you on that one!

Big hugs to you!

Candle Collection and Questions

I finally found what I was looking for to fill up the back corner of my bedroom. I popped in to Plants and Pots yesterday on way to work and found these adorable metal candle holders. I thought I would have wanted them taller, but now that I see them in my room they are better than I thought they'd be.

Now my question is this? Which candle combo do you like best?
Combo #1 -

Combo #2 -

I'm really not sure which is better? I have red accents in my room that you don't see in these pics, so the red isn't way out there.

Another questions - There is a smaller one at the store for $6.95, so you think I should go and buy it to make a trio?

I'm rather pleased with my find. It cost me less than $50.00 and now my room is completely finished. One small step..... you know the rest

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Busy Work

I've been all up in my head with waiting for stuff to get done around here. I know! I know! I know! You've heard that already. :) I can't sit still for much more than a minute and when you do catch me sitting still, rest assured my mind is racing even if my body is not. So, to burn off anxious, impatient energy I've been busy with this little gem

I'm trying to prepare things to 'stage' my house and this is one the of the things I've tackled in the push to do so. I've had this dresser for years. It actually belonged to my in-laws, they gave to it myself and him when we got our own place, so that would be almost 15 years ago now, or somewhere thereabouts. I'm too lazy to actually do the math.

I'm in need of filler for staging my house and I figured with the country type decorating I have going on in my rec room this piece would be perfect. You can see there are funky knobs on it and not all. I'm using the knobs temporarily until I figure out what I'm going to use for the final knobs. Right now, I'm using these just so I can get the drawers open. I'm not keen on the top decorating. I'll leave that for a few days until I get a feeling of what pieces I have around the house and re-do it once I'm inspired by something. I love both pieces individually, but together they are too similar and too close in height. I'll keep thinking!

You can see some heat gun marks as well. When I first made the mistake of the gun being to long in one spot, or too close to the wood I almost cried, better yet, to keep this blog honest, I almost puked. Not very ladylike, I know, but truth be told that was the honest to goodness reaction I had. Now, as I look at the wood, I'm okay with it. It will just add to more character. Being this is the first piece of furniture I've ever stripped, I'm glad I was going for the older worn, distressed look. Lets just say I lucky I don't aspire to make money from working with my hands and wood. I'd be homeless in a heartbeat.

Monday, February 04, 2008

House Hunting Bee

I don't really have much to say today, but I have this urge to blog.

Things are still the same old crazy in my world. Renovations are a standstill. Not from anything on my end. I've seen hide nor hare of Scott since last Wednesday. When we last spoke he was going to stop by a guy's place and talk with him about doing the work at my house. I've not heard from Scott since, so I'm somewhat in the dark about what is being done and when.

Cute Boy and I went to Home Depot on Saturday to buy what we need to finish up both our houses. It was a dream shop for me! I love Home Depot. We came away with everything I need minus the stair nosing. I'll not even get in the fiasco of that job. It was a job started by my ex-husband and it is going to take some magic with a saw or some ingenius product to make a smooth transition from the stairtop to the flooring. GRRRR

I ended up purchasing all the flooring and underlay for the computer room, the stair treads, the transition for the flooring, the electrical outlet covers (I needed 2 and spent 15.70 for a bag of 6 - ouch), transition for the bathroom and the vent cover for the bathroom. The flooring and stair treads came to total of $350.00 and the rest of my stuff was $120.00, so my total bill was $470. I expected it to be around that much so I wasn't all that surprised. Cute Boy's bill was just over $200, so we walked out to there finalized at about $700. I'm rather impressed! This money will go a long way towards sprucing up both our houses. There was a special that anything over 299, was don't pay for a year. YEEHAAWWW. Even if I don't use the money from the sale of the house, the payements for my purchases are about 21.00 every 2 weeks paid off in 1 year! Good deal, I think.

I'm really not liking this downtime I have with seeming as though I can't get things accomplished in the house and that I'm always waiting on someone or something. I want to paint the new doors, but don't want to risk them being dinged when the closets are being installed. I came up with the idea that I could at least prime them and save myself the time in having to do that after the installation of the closet doors and the basement drywalling. I will also paint the trim ahead of time and then just touch it up after it's been installed. I'm so smart I scare myself sometimes. Not really, I'm just a wee bit sarcastic. No really, I am.

Cute Boy and I went to look at Open Houses yesterday! OMG is probably the best word to fit the experience. We looked at 4 houses. House #1 - NO! House #2 - Potential spacewise, but just too dated and needs too much work. Beautiful updated kitchen was pretty much all this house had going for it. House #3 - Best one of the lot and would have put an offer on this one if it wasn't coming off the market today - long story. It was a 5 bedroom (would have given me a craft room. - awwww Cute Boy you're way too sweet on that one) House #4 - Holy wow! Can you say small and cut up?!

We talked to our Real Estate agent today about getting packages to build houses. We'll see where that goes. There are so many options now that we have this crazy ball rolling. I know the latest I want to be putting my house on the market is Thursday February 21st. I'll see if I'm able to hit that target. If it were me alone, I'd have no problem, but I'm just not handy with a saw, but especially, I drywall mud like a dork, so maybe me on my own I'd not really hit that date. How about it I were in control of things I'd have things done on time.

I'll keep you posted on whatever progress I make or such as this post, lack thereof progress.

Witty me, signing off!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dinner Plans

I'm serving up a big ol' serving for frog for supper. Anyone intested in joining me is more than welcome. You bring the wine and I'll take care of the rest. Frog is on the menu and the full menu.

Appetizer - Frog legs in place of the Superbowl food of chicken wings. Maybe for those that like a little more ritz to thier meals, I could make Frog Bisque.

Main Course - Frog Lasagna with a Ceasar Salad adorned with frog bits.

Any other ideas you have for frog food, I'm open to suggestions. This little critter must be anhialated once and for all. I'm tired of his presence in my life. I'm kicking butt and taking names. Frog is first in line!

I'm so frustrated with myself. I've discovered a major mistake in the bottom line of Love. I'm not sure how much time I put into that bottom line and I'm heartbroken at the thought of removing it.

Another thought for you to ponder? How is it I graduated from kindergarten with my atrocious counting skills?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Oh Deer!

I stole this from Cute Overload. I'm sorry for my thievery, but I couldn't resist. This pic is just too cute and I'm too weak to just leave it be. Cute Overload is one my daily must visit sites. No matter the mood, I come away with a wicked smile.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Crazy Train

I'm in a bit of a mood today. I'm not sure what kind of mood, but a mood!

I woke up this morning, obviously I woke up, or I'd be dead. Right? See what I mean? I'm in that kind of mood. I'm driving those around me a little bit crazy. I see nothing new in that, but they seem to think I've taken it up a notch today. I think it's more them than me, in fact I know it is.

I weighed in this morning. No change 129.6 still. I don't know how the scale is not moving. I've been eating like crap! I would expect it to be moving up, but staying the same??? I didn't believe the number on the scale and when I say I didn't believe it, I didn't. I got down on my knees and stuck my face right into the readout. I don't know what I expected to see, but I was looking anyway. Now keep in mind, my body was no longer on the scale. Seriously, what was I expecting to see?

As much as my renovations have come to somewhat of a standstill I'm still lovin' my new bathroom. It is so much better laid out and I'm loving it. It is translating to an easier time getting ready in the morning and better hair days all around. Is it possible that a new bathroom could prompt better hair days? I guess is possible, because I'm living the dream! If I'd known that I'd have pushed harder to get the bathroom renovated long ago! Oh, and another thing... good hair day AND I'm wearing my sassy red boots. I don't wear them often, but today the mood fits!

I head out in the mini blizzard that just started as I'm about to walk out the door. I was really hoping when I woke up to no snow accumulation that the storm had passed us by.... WRONG. The storm was just starting as I headed out the door. Oh joy, oh bliss!

I started my morning commute with a little Keith! Keith Urban starting your day, no matter what you're faced with Keith can make it all better. I haven't told you lately, so I'll do it now. I love Keith Urban! Off to Starbuck's Keith and I head. It is Friday and I'm TRYING to limit myself to once-a-week Starbuck's. All is good, I order my tall, non-fat, chai tea latte and, pay for my tall, non-fat, chai tea latte. I stand patiently, okay, not so patiently at the bar and am presented with a Grande, non-fat, chai tea latte. Score one for the little guy - me! I point out the error and barista girl says, 'oh that's okay, have some on us". Well, darn tootin' I'll have one on ya! I'll have it all on my arse too. Getting more than you pay for is always awesome, but now I have to count the points for a larger size... a larger size arse too! I forewarned you, I'm in a mood!

I'm at work now and as I said in the beginning I've been a freak today! If I make it out of this day with a job, I'll be doing well! Kathy and I, and I blame it all on Kathy, have been having fits of laughter. I think it is just the other side maniacal to be completely honest with you! She presented me with a Cadbury Easter Creme Egg. This will be my 3rd of the year. I'm going nowhere close to Pumpkin's target of 40 eggs this year. At 6 points per egg I'm going to try and keep them to a minimum. How am I doing so far?

This Cadbury Creme Egg brought me quite a measure of joy and still does as it stares back at me from my very messy desk. I want to eat him sooooo bad, but I will hold out. I've not said how long I'd hold out, but I will put up a pretty good fight. The best part of the egg is the ensuing conversation. Sex versus Chocolate! More on that in a future post.

I think in a nutshell, I've summed up my day. It is crazy. I am crazy. Those around me are crazy. The weather is crazy. It is crazy train here today and I want to get off. Wait a minute, I'm driving the crazy train today. Will someone help me get off?