Thursday, February 07, 2008

Candle Collection and Questions

I finally found what I was looking for to fill up the back corner of my bedroom. I popped in to Plants and Pots yesterday on way to work and found these adorable metal candle holders. I thought I would have wanted them taller, but now that I see them in my room they are better than I thought they'd be.

Now my question is this? Which candle combo do you like best?
Combo #1 -

Combo #2 -

I'm really not sure which is better? I have red accents in my room that you don't see in these pics, so the red isn't way out there.

Another questions - There is a smaller one at the store for $6.95, so you think I should go and buy it to make a trio?

I'm rather pleased with my find. It cost me less than $50.00 and now my room is completely finished. One small step..... you know the rest

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