Thursday, February 21, 2008

Listing Day Is Passing Me By

Today was the day I was hoping to list my house, but things have not worked out quite the way I had planned. Life's like that sometimes.

I will list the things that still need to be done:

Princess' Room
  • Paint the header
  • Hang the closet door
  • Hang the trim around the room, door and window
  • Hang the curtains

Spare Room

  • Hang the closet door
  • Hang the trim around the room, door and window
  • Paint the door


  • Mud and sand one last coat in bathroom
  • Paint
  • Install the light fixture
  • Install the mirror
  • Caulk the floor/tub area
  • Paint the door

Dining Room

  • Install crown moulding


  • Paint the ceiling

Front Entranceway

  • Paint
  • Install the crown moulding
  • Repair and install trim around ledges
  • Coat the stair treads with clear varnish
  • Install the stair treads to the basement


  • Prime
  • Paint
  • Prime the door to the garage and under the stair storage area
  • Build door to the under stair storage area
  • Hang the door over the electrical panel
  • Lay the floor
  • Hang the trim at the floor and around the doors


  • Clean it and organize it

There is a lot that still needs to be done, but all in all things are coming together as much as this list seems incredibly long. I'm trying to return to my positive outlook because I feel as though lately I've become a Negative Nelly and I don't like it.

I will come back here as things are finished and update my list.

I thank all of you for your support while I fumble my way through this life changing event. It means more to me than you can imagine.

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