Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bathroom Bear and Basket

Here is my little bear that will sit on the back of my toilet. I was looking for a silver coloured basket which I was going to fill with light blue and white face clothes rolled up to give the bathroom some colour. I borrowed baskets from Pam, but the toilet lid is sloped and everything kept falling down. I came up with taking my country bear from my bookcase and propped her up there. What do you think? Her legs can't hang down or she'd slide right in to the tank. I don't think she'd much approve. Not that I can say I blame her!

I found this basket at The Bay. I had seen it before, but my mind wasn't heading in this direction at the time. I rediscovered it again tonight and it seemed perfect to fill up the corner, do a little decorating with a bit of colour and limited expense. Again, what do you think? In the store, Princess was concerned about the colour being wrong. She has since changed her mind and we both think it really brings out the rustic colours of the floor.

As you can see the flooring/wall area is still lacking in trim. That would be because my contractor has seriously gone MIA again. I'm going to see if when Cute Boy is in in the morning if can do the wee bit of dry wall mudding that needs to be done to get the bathroom paint ready. I don't think he'll mind, but he shouldn't have to since... oh hell. I'm not even going there tonight.

I think, I'm finished with the bathroom purchasing now other than the spray paint and I just have to remember that when I'm at Walmart next. I'm spray painting a white picture frame light blue then sanding it to a rustic state to show through the white underneath. Of course, I'll post pics when I'm finished the little job as well.

We're getting closer ladies, oh so much closer! How relieved are you?

I'm off to stitch for the night. It may be difficult though, trying to keep one eye on my stitching and my other on the look out for that damn frog!

Happy stitching days to you!

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