Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snow Everywhere

Even the inside of my house is covered with snow. If it's not enough that I have snowbanks taller than me, outside at the end of my driveway, I'm surrounded by white crap in the house too.

This would be my basement yesterday after Cute Boy had finished the sanding. Is there a more annoying substance to clean than that of drywall dust? This fine particle dust is in everything I own. It has been tracked upstairs compliments of the dog, on wet fur. Oh what a lovely mess that created. I washed the front room floor which will in the end, be fruitless.

I feel so very negative about these house renovations and it is very upsetting. I feel as though I'm always ragging on someone about something and I hate it! The frustrating thing, as much as Scott has said I can pay him when the house sells, I think he's become complacent with getting things finished. I don't think I'll hire him as a contractor again, as matter of fact, I know I wont. When he did work for me before it was through another company that contracts Scott out, but this time it was me contacting Scott directly. I've not seen him since last Saturday. I've talked with him numerous times about my expectations, the hopeful listing date, everything. I've explained to him, my agent's views on the importance of timing in the housing market and I don't think he's getting it. As a matter of fact, I know he's not getting it. My agent said mid-February, I'know I'm very anal, but mid February was Thursday or Friday, depending how you look at it. Military postings are going out soon and my agent wants to hit that market. I've no time for an MIA contractor.

There is progress being made though, so as much as I'm hating the mess I have to live with it - for now. Cute Boy came over this morning again to do a coat of mud on some spots he couldn't do yesterday because I ran out of compound. I'm extremely greatful since he is doing this work for me after a midnight shift, before he heads to bed. Cute Boy will be back in the morning to do another sanding. Oh joy, more drywall dust. He is hoping to only have to do two coats, then its on to the primer, paint, flooring and trim.

Princess and I are heading out to open houses today which I'm looking forward to doing with her. Just being able to hang out with her is always fun and to do so while looking at houses, all the better.

I will be coming home after the looking and plunking myself in front of the television with my stitching and watching the boys of Nascar tearing it up. Go Jimmie Go!

Off to get showered and get rid of the layer of drywall dust covering me. If only cleaning the house were as easy as a shower is for me!

Until next time, happy stitching days to you!

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