Monday, February 04, 2008

House Hunting Bee

I don't really have much to say today, but I have this urge to blog.

Things are still the same old crazy in my world. Renovations are a standstill. Not from anything on my end. I've seen hide nor hare of Scott since last Wednesday. When we last spoke he was going to stop by a guy's place and talk with him about doing the work at my house. I've not heard from Scott since, so I'm somewhat in the dark about what is being done and when.

Cute Boy and I went to Home Depot on Saturday to buy what we need to finish up both our houses. It was a dream shop for me! I love Home Depot. We came away with everything I need minus the stair nosing. I'll not even get in the fiasco of that job. It was a job started by my ex-husband and it is going to take some magic with a saw or some ingenius product to make a smooth transition from the stairtop to the flooring. GRRRR

I ended up purchasing all the flooring and underlay for the computer room, the stair treads, the transition for the flooring, the electrical outlet covers (I needed 2 and spent 15.70 for a bag of 6 - ouch), transition for the bathroom and the vent cover for the bathroom. The flooring and stair treads came to total of $350.00 and the rest of my stuff was $120.00, so my total bill was $470. I expected it to be around that much so I wasn't all that surprised. Cute Boy's bill was just over $200, so we walked out to there finalized at about $700. I'm rather impressed! This money will go a long way towards sprucing up both our houses. There was a special that anything over 299, was don't pay for a year. YEEHAAWWW. Even if I don't use the money from the sale of the house, the payements for my purchases are about 21.00 every 2 weeks paid off in 1 year! Good deal, I think.

I'm really not liking this downtime I have with seeming as though I can't get things accomplished in the house and that I'm always waiting on someone or something. I want to paint the new doors, but don't want to risk them being dinged when the closets are being installed. I came up with the idea that I could at least prime them and save myself the time in having to do that after the installation of the closet doors and the basement drywalling. I will also paint the trim ahead of time and then just touch it up after it's been installed. I'm so smart I scare myself sometimes. Not really, I'm just a wee bit sarcastic. No really, I am.

Cute Boy and I went to look at Open Houses yesterday! OMG is probably the best word to fit the experience. We looked at 4 houses. House #1 - NO! House #2 - Potential spacewise, but just too dated and needs too much work. Beautiful updated kitchen was pretty much all this house had going for it. House #3 - Best one of the lot and would have put an offer on this one if it wasn't coming off the market today - long story. It was a 5 bedroom (would have given me a craft room. - awwww Cute Boy you're way too sweet on that one) House #4 - Holy wow! Can you say small and cut up?!

We talked to our Real Estate agent today about getting packages to build houses. We'll see where that goes. There are so many options now that we have this crazy ball rolling. I know the latest I want to be putting my house on the market is Thursday February 21st. I'll see if I'm able to hit that target. If it were me alone, I'd have no problem, but I'm just not handy with a saw, but especially, I drywall mud like a dork, so maybe me on my own I'd not really hit that date. How about it I were in control of things I'd have things done on time.

I'll keep you posted on whatever progress I make or such as this post, lack thereof progress.

Witty me, signing off!

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