Friday, February 08, 2008

Love with Capital L - 170 hours

I'm back with an update of sorts. It is backwards progress I made this rotation. I'll not take the blame for this one. It's all that darn frog! I've had my way with him once for all on this piece. He has been exhiled from my home to not return while I'm in the process of finishing up this piece.

You can faintly see the outline where I pulled out my stitches. There is never a good time to discover a mistake, but this close to the finish just seems all the more painful to me. Oh well, all is gone and done with now. I'm moving forward on this piece in a positive manner and soon enough I'll have my first finish of 2008. Imagine that would ya!?
Thanks for looking and your kind comments.
Happy stitching days to you.

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