Saturday, December 30, 2017

Reading in the New Year 

I had a goal of finishing this series in 2017, unfortunately that did not happen.  Starting my 2018 off with this one in hopes of getting the series finished this year!

Special Agent Faith Mitchell returns home to a nightmare. Her baby daughter Emma has been locked outside, and there's a trail of blood to the front door.
Without waiting for back-up, Faith enters the house. Inside a man lies dead in a pool of blood. Most worrying of all, her mother is missing.

When the Atlanta police arrive, Faith has some difficult questions to answer. But she has some desperate questions of her own. What were the killers searching for? And where is her mother?
Suspended from duty, Faith turns to her work partner, Will Trent. Together he and Sara Linton must piece together the fragments of a brutal and complicated case, and catch a vicious murderer with only one thing on his mind.

To keep on killing until the truth is finally revealed.

Until next time,

~Tammy xo 💞

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Is It Morning Yet? 

I found this recipe on Pinterest.  Who doesn't love Pinterest? 

Maple and Brown Sugar overnight oats for the win!  I used to eat this pre-made packet when I was a kid.  A walk down memory lane for breakfast. 

Until next time, 

~T xo 💞

The Weather Outside Is Frightful 

The weather is nasty and against my better judgement I had to go out today. 3 stops and I was back home.

Within minutes I was back in to my pajamas.  I am currently snuggled up in a blanket an looming a scarf for a family member.  A very last minute gift request.  It's getting done and I am enjoying the process of creating.

The colour is absolutely gorgeous!

Until next time,

~Tammy xo 💞