Monday, July 30, 2007

Job's Tears 50 hours

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I've been inspired to work on my stitching again. I've a photo of Love with a Capital L, but my camera is on the blitz. Photo will come later.

I've decided to work a rotation again after many months away. I'm going to work on Job's Tears for 5 hours then back to Love with a Capital L for 10 hours. I want to finish Love, as much as I've just begun it. I want to hang it in my bedroom. I think it is the perfect piece for my room to add to the softness and the overall mood of love I want to feel when in my room.

Off to put some much needed time to this piece.

Monday, July 16, 2007

(Prelude stolen from Velda who originally stole it from Kell.)

With the lovely ladies on Cross Stitch Crazy I'm going to do a 10 project challenge. I will not buy or start any new projects until I get these pieces completed other than the Boxing Day piece that Pam and I start every year. Other than that I will hold true to this plan. I've gotten off my spending stint with most everything so I'll be okay with not 'needing' to buy things. This, for me, is more about finishing pieces than curbing a spending habit.

I will list the pieces in the order I hope to finish, but that will very likely change with my mood, as most everything does.

1. Love with a Capital L
2. Job's Tears
3. Hydrangea Harvest
4. Giggles Girl
5. Summer Breeze
6. Angel Proclamation
7. Halloween Fairy
8. Be Warm Be Welcome
9. Middy
10. Treetop Sampler

As I said, this list may change. I've been using a consultant (Lily) when I'm choosing my next focus piece. It is fun to include her in the process, so that is where the option to change things up enters the equation.

Now that the list has been compiled I need to find the time to put needle to thread. This would be my biggest challenge outside of finishing pieces is finding the time.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

America, The Land That I Love

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Although I'm not an American and I've never lived there, but visited many times I love America. I've been asked many times why I love America so much. I think it stems from many years, as a young child, spent watching The Price Is Right. I kid you not! I remember watching the show and seeing all the products offered as prizes, and even as a young as I was I would get so excited at the thought of going shopping in the states.

One of my biggest dreams realized was a trip I was able to take to New York City. It was awesome, not to mention the fact that I was able to watch my beloved Yankees in The House that Ruth Built! The only sad part of my trip was visiting Ground Zero. I would loved to be able to see NYC prior to September 11th, but that was not to be!

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends. Know from here, I salute you!