Friday, February 27, 2009

Payback - Fern Michaels

The second book in the Sisterhood series

From the outside, it looks like Julia Webster lives a normal, happy existence. A highly successful plastic surgeon, she is married to a senator very much on his way up Capitol Hill, and lives in a lovely house in Georgetown. But appearances can be deceptive, as Julia knows only too well.

Book #6 - Just the right amount of fluff to read when home sick from work. Somewhat a predictable format, but fun nonetheless.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Time For Goodbye - Linwood Barclay

On the morning she will never forget, suburban teenager Cynthia Archer awakes with a nasty hangover and a feeling she is going to have an even nastier confrontation with her mom and dad. She isn't. Instead, the house is empty, with no sign of her parents or younger brother Todd. At first she just thinks it's weird, then more and more scary, until finally the terrifying reality hits her: in the blink of an eye, without any explanation, her family has simply disappeared. Twenty-five years later the mystery is no nearer to being solved and Cynthia is still haunted by unanswered questions. Were her family murdered? If so, why was she spared? And if they're alive, why did they abandon her in such a cruel way? Now married with a daughter of her own, Cynthia knows that without answers - however shocking they might prove to be - she will never be emotionally or psychologically whole, living in daily fear that her new family will be taken from her just as her first one was. And so she agrees to take part in a TV documentary revisiting the case, in the hope that somebody somewhere will remember something - or even that her father, mother or brother might finally reach out to her... First nothing. Then just a few crackpots and scam artists coming out of the woodwork. And then the letter, a letter which makes no sense and yet chills Cynthia to the core. And soon she begins to realize that stirring up the past could be the worst mistake she has ever made.
Book # 5 - I really enjoyed this book. It was just the right balance of suspense, question and creppy to keep me turning the pages long after I should have been asleep.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Love, Exhausted

I've not been feeling well the last little bit, so much so that I stayed home from work Thursday past and could have probably or should have done the same today.

I went to work Friday, was a right off Friday night and 95% of Saturday. Sunday, I started to feel a bit better only to be feeling like crap again today. I'm tired, and right now, tired of being me.

To make sick matters even worse, I had to be up early today because the plumbing company was coming to do some work on the downstairs bathroom. I just wanted to stay in bed, especially considering the fact I didn't sleep well last night.

There is some good news to report in and amongst all the sick. I took this in to be framed. I should have it back by the 2nd week of March, if not sooner. I didn't have a lot of room on the one side for framing, but the consultant thinks it will come out okay with just a frame. I really didn't want to mat this piece. I chose a frame that I hope matches the flooring in the house well. The price was crazy, even factoring in the 55% off coupon I used. This piece holds tremendous sentimental value to me, so the money is just a minor annoyance. I'm really looking forward to having this piece hanging in the bedroom. I will post a picture of the finished piece as soon as I'm able.

I do have a couple proud moments to share with you in regards to dropping off this piece for framing. The first person to see the piece commented on how old the piece looked. I told her it is only 1 year old. She was shocked, since the fabric looks much older than that. Another co-worker came in while she was measuring up the framing size and he was 'ewwing and awwwing'. He made a similar comment about how old a piece it was and was equally shocked with the fact that I only just stitched it. I was so impressed, especially knowing I dyed the fabric myself and an antiquated look is the one I was hoping to achieve. Yaaaa me.

Is it Friday yet?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't Blink...

or you'll miss the news break that I'm going to see Kenny Chesney in August. I bought these tickets for Princess for Easter. She doesn't know about them and she doesn't read my blog, so I have no fear at this point that she'll find out through here. I'm not even sure she knows that Kenny Chesney has announced his tour dates. If she does, she hasn't mentioned to me which I highly believe she would if she knew.

I'm so excited and can hardly wait to give her the tickets so we can start planning our day together. Hopefully we can spend some time with Tasha too.

I turned on the evening news
Saw a old man being interviewed
Turning a hundred and two today
Asked him what's the secret to life
He looked up from his old pipe
Laughed and said "All I can say is."

Don't blink
Just like that you're six years old and you take a nap and you
Wake up and you're twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife
Don't blink
You just might miss your babies growing like mine did
Turning into moms and dads next thing you know your "better half"
Of fifty years is there in bed
And you're praying God takes you instead
Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think
So don't blink

I was glued to my tv when it looked like he looked at me and said
"Best start putting first things first."
Cause when your hourglass runs out of sand
You can't flip it over and start again
Take every breathe God gives you for what it's worth

Don't Blink
Just like that you're six years old and you take a nap and you
Wake up and you're twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife
Don't blink
You just might miss your babies growing like mine did
Turning into moms and dads next thing you know your "better half"
Of fifty years is there in bed
And you're praying God takes you instead
Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think
So don't blink

So I've been tryin' ta slow it down
I've been tryin' ta take it in
In this here today, gone tomorrow world we're livin' in

Don't blink
Just like that you're six years old and you take a nap and you
Wake up and you're twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife
Don't blink
You just might miss your babies growing like mine did
Turning into moms and dads next thing you know your "better half"
Of fifty years is there in bed
And you're praying God takes you instead
Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster then you think
So Don't blink

Naw, don't blink
Life Goes Faster Than You Think

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Scored!

Saturday night after the concert, Cute Boy's daughter and I spent the night in Ottawa at his niece's house. I love this woman. My first impression of her was that she was/is an incredible woman. I was right!

She is beautiful, driven in her career and very successful. She is an Area Associate for Montana's restaurant. I've never met a woman (or man for that matter) that works harder. This girl is non stop work, but not to the point that she doesn't have a life. She is just responsible in her actions and is accountable to her career. It is an experience to see her work.

What I'm getting at here is, she is very professional casual in her dress. Her industry demands fashionably stylish and she nails it. The thing is she's a clothes horse and recycles a lot of her outfits. This would be where I scored! She has been telling me that she would have a collection of her "I don't wear anymore" outfits to give away soon. Well, soon was Saturday. Todd's youngest and I went through the pile while at Tasha's place. Todd's little one didn't take much (too bad for her), but I came home with the mother load!

I took the 4 things out of the bag that I want and that I know Princess wouldn't. Being a vegetarian she'd not wear leather coats and the jeans don't fit her. Princess will pick through what is left over and then what she doesn't want will give back to me and I will take. All Tasha asked, whatever you don't take, please send to the Goodwill.

As you can see in my pic above, I took 4 things that I really wanted. 3, yes, 3 leather jackets, and one is red!! Can you believe that? RED!!! Yaaaa me! ;) Those jeans on there, I'm not sure how many of your are jean connoisseurs, but they are Parasuco jeans - $200 a pair and I own them... (2 pair of them) More mind boggling is, she gave them away. Tasha just recently got 2 pair of 7 For All Mankind for Christmas, so she was able to let this pair go. How good for me!!

I've been in a body funk as most that read this blog can tell. I think the timing of this gift from Tasha is perfect timing if I ever. I'm not finding the inspiration in myself, which is super sad, so I'm hoping I'll find the artificial inspiration in materialistic goods!

I'm so excited and happy when I look at this 4 little things. Tasha, you rock! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Wicked Weekend

I don't even know where to begin with my weekend.

I worked 6p-2am the previous week, so Friday night I was stuck at work. I had the misfortune of having to deal with an unbalanced paranoid doctor. This man is the one that was on call as Admin. It is decision and responsibility to determine if and when something is deemed urgent for further investigation and call in of support staff in whatever area is dealing with a situation. After dealing with this man for over an hour, covering everything from him calling on the emergency (life or death code phone), to wondering if the person wanting to speak to him is a real person or not (WTF?), to the situation being frivolous.... how do I know. I do what I'm told and contact people, I don't question their requests, especially not if the person requesting is second in command to this man???? Imagine that?! Anyway, what I'm getting at here is I'm probably going to be written up on Tuesday. Great way to begin a long weekend. Truth be told, I don't care if he writes me up. He was in the wrong and I'll fight it!

Saturday sees me up and at 'em about 9:30a. I'm heading to Ottawa to see Crystal Shawanda, Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley in concert with Cute Boy's youngest daughter. All I can say is OMG!!!!!

Crystal Shawanda - Can that girl sing! She has the most incredibly strong voice. She sang Let Go and was crying. Her voice broke down at a very emotional point in the song. It was heartbreaking... I was crying knowing that she was emotionally struggling to sing. She thanked the audience for helping her along when she cried. Very cute little thing she is!

Deirks Bentley - I know he's cute and all and had heard he was an awesome entertainer. Cute doesn't come anywhere near. That guy is soooooo cute he's dreamy! His set was so fun and upbeat. There was only one song we didn't know and that was because it's off his new album and not yet released. It will be a huge hit once it is though. So, country music fan readers, listen for Sideways. You'll be glad you did. It's a fun one!

Brad Paisley - WOW!!! The show he put on was out of this world great. I was impressed with the quality of the stage show. The integration between the live show and the 'guests' he had on the screen. My meltdown moment came when he was doing 'Start A Band', he goes to the backdrop screen and there is Keith Urban! Be still my beating heart! I lost it. Alison Krauss was there. I'm not a huge fan of hers, but she is unbelievably beautiful and a voice of an angel.

The encore was done with BB King, in a live feed from L.A. That was uber cool. That boy certainly knows how to put on a show.

The end of the show had Cute Boy's daughter and I GPS'ing our way to Tasha's for a very late night, or extremely early morning filled with wine and laughter. Tasha and I in the wine, not the minor! Little one stayed up until about 2:30a or so, while Tasha and I hit the sack at 6am. It was a short sleep and a killer long drive home. It is not fun driving home 1.5hrs, hung over and tired, but I wasn't thinking of that the night before while tipping the ol' wine glass, now was I?

I'm glad to report I'm finally starting to feel better and am recuperating from my very busy weekend. Is it Friday yet?

To The Nines - Janet Evanovich

Take a trip down the Jersey Turnpike to the irresistible world of Stephanie Plum - where America's favourite bounty hunter gets into more trouble than ever. This time, Stephanie, Lula, and Grandma have a Vegas-sized problem on their hands. The pursuit of a skip brings Stephanie to Las Vegas, and three mob guys want to make sure it's a one-way ticket. Once there, Stephanie meets up with Sally Sweet as well as a whole cast of characters who could only exist in a place like Vegas. With Joe Morelli making a surprise visit and Ranger doing own kind of surveillance, Stephanie's nights have never been hotter. This ninth Stephanie Plum novel is Janet Evanovich's wildest, wackiest, and most suspenseful yet.

Book #4 - Good, but typical.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Did A Little Shopping

I had a gift card for Chapter's/Indigo books and decided to spend it today. I'm on their e-mail list and received a 25% off any one item coupon, so figured this was as good a time as any to spend my gift card. Final bill for both was $9.00 out of pocket for me. Yaaaa!

I will not even discuss my WI this morning. I didn't cry about it, but I can tell you it was a close one.

I no longer know what to think or what to do next. I guess, what to do next would be to move this damn sluggish body of mine. I'm tired. I'm drained. I'm sad. I'm pissed off. I'm body lost. I'm consumed. I'm tired of being body consumed. It is getting old. No one can do this for me but me. I have to want it more than I want to be lazy and stupid about my food choices. Do I want it bad enough to do the work or am I just going to moan about it for the rest of my days?

On that note I'm off to read my new book until my work shift is over and I can go home to bed and put this exhausting day behind me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

172,387 Bubbles

That would be the number of stitches remaining on Bubbles. There are a total of 174,300 stitches and I've completed just under 2000.

Before @ 10 hours
Today - 15 hours

Why do I have to be such a lover of stats and numbers? It's fun and something I do without even thinking about, but why now? Why this piece? I can't even contemplate the length of time it is going to take to finish this piece. I know, being the number cruncher that I am, I could easily figure it out, but right now, I'm too tired to bother.

This piece is being worked 1 strand over 1 on 28 count. It is super tiny. I'm on the fence about whether I like the small size. I do know I don't want to start over and doing so would mean a larger design and I don't want that either.

Not much else going on right now, I'll keep this short and not take up too much of your time.

As always, thanks for looking. Hope not to be too long before I'm back with another update of one piece or another.

Happy stitching days to you!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Picture Table

Our newest acquisition. I just got back from Rona where I bought this table. Cute Boy's sister gave us money towards it as a house warming gift, we had some cash and this is the result.

When I got to Rona today, there was 2 different prices, so I took both labels to the cash register only to find that the price in the computer was even higher, so I made the decision right then and there to buy it and bring it home. Both Cute Boy and I liked it, so there was no reason to wait any longer.

Cute Boy is big for putting family pics up on the wall and I'm not, so I came up with this idea as a compromise. It will centralize all the pics and we can save the walls from hanging so much stuff on them. Win win!

The decorator in me wants to place a wicker or wrought iron type basket on the bottom shelf with a light coloured throw in the basket. I think that would be really pretty. We'll see though what comes of the decorating on the bottom shelf.

Pretty, eh?

Friday, February 06, 2009

In a New York Minute

Cute Boy and I have a date with these two fine gentleman on June 1st.

It was longer than a New York Minute to get my grubby little hands on these tickets. It took my 2.5 hours to get through. I was calling the 1-800 number, the long distance number and the on-line website refreshing. Cute Boy was also trying to get tickets too at the same time. Many hundreds of dollars later there is a date in the future that I'm looking forward to, very much.

I think back to when I was a young girl singing away to Billy Joel and Elton John, strutting my stuff in the 'hood, thinking I'm all that and a bag of chips! To think I'm actually going to be rockin' out with them is beyond my wildest dreams!

WOOHOO! Bring on June 1st already.

Damn It To Hell

My WI this morning was ridiculous! I want to scream I'm so pissed at myself, as my weight sits at 135.6lbs. There are many factors that are playing havoc with my body right now. I'm right on the cusp of TOM, that alone is a joy. Add in the poor eating choices and I'm a train wreck.

I'm going to seriously have to look at what I'm NOT doing to make this healthy change a reality. I've come to realize I'm talking the talk and not walking the walk. I'm trying to keep in my head a positive thought, but failing miserably.

I apologize first and foremost to my team. I have done nothing to help with our team numbers and failed myself too while doing nothing in getting my numbers going in the proper direction.

This is getting old and I'm getting annoyed. I either have to buck up or shut up!

Happy healthy days to you!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Home From Work

I'm home from work today.

I'm sitting here with a coffee and getting my day underway when things get worse than yesterday.

I'm not sure what the next couple days is going to bring, but it promises to be painful. I'm outta here for a bit to get some stuff done around the house.

Take care!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I Ask Myself Why

Preamble - This is a full on rant and you're more than welcome to back up and leave. I understand! I'm just using this blog for it's original purpose, to get it out of my head.

There is nothing like a little anger, or huge amounts of anger for that matter to spur on a killer work out. Okay, maybe not killer to some standards, but for me - killer. My arms are already telling me a thing or two! I love it.

My work out consisted of 30 min. on the elliptical with a final distance of 7.4K. WOOHOO!! Do you know how therapeutic it is to work out in the dark? Maybe not so therapeutic when there are tears screaming down your face. A girl has to do what a girl has to do though. I also lifted the following:

Standing Dumbbell Curls
R - 12
S - 3

Shoulder Raises
W - 10lbs
R - 12
S - 3

Single Arm Hammer Curls
W - 10lbs
R - 12
S - 2

That was all I could think of to do off the top of my head. Limited resources and limited imagination. It was something though and in spite all the swirling head crap and personal crap, I'm glad for what I did do!

I'm so sick and tired of this emotional roller coaster of my life. One day is incredible and then another day is a nightmare. I can't take it! I'm tired of the constant struggle with what is coming next. I loved my life this morning and tonight I don't know what to think. My defences are up, my heart is shaken and my confidence in question. I'm not used to that feeling anymore. A meltdown with cursing and screaming took place and in the presence of another person's child no less! Not cool at all. I think that might be the source of 99.9% of my anger, that another person's child would have to be witness to this garbage. I can't even put to words my disgust!

Tomorrow will be a better day because it sure as hell can't get worse than the end of this one.

Sweet dreams to you and enjoy Biggest Loser. I won't be watching tonight's episode (another rant for another day - maybe).

Up And At 'Em Today

I'm trying make an effort to blog more, so here is some prattling about last night and this morning.

On my way home from work yesterday I stopped in at the post office to send a registered letter to the ex-husband (really still my husband... I get a kick out of saying 'still' because he is planning nuptials for this August and we are STILL married). Stupid! Anyway, I had to give him notification of our new address, so I thought I'd play head games and send him a registered letter. The life he is currently living, for him to get a registered letter will spook him. Life above board and you'd not be paranoid about such things.

Krista and her DBF came over for a quick visit last night to drop off a contest prize that Cute Boy won - A Budweiser bar fridge. Very very cool. It was nice to catch up with the pair of them.

I almost cried when the alarm went off this morning. I went to bed much to late and with a sore throat nonetheless. Woke up with a scratching still there, but being the trooper I am, I got my large ass down to the elliptical.

I didn't leave myself enough time, so I had to cut my work out down to 12 minutes. I will do another session this evening and attempt to get a weight in my hands.

I hit the showers and got ready. I had my clothing laid out so as not to wake Cute Boy when I was getting ready for work this morning, only to have to go back in the bedroom and stand in the walk in closet trying to find something to wear that fit properly. It does not do a girl's mental state any service when pants that fit last week or the week before don't fit now! Damn it! I'm so mad at myself. If that isn't incentive enough to get back on that elliptical tonight, I don't know what is.

I think that is one of my strongest emotions in regards to where I was in comparison to where I am now. I am angry with myself. I'm disappointed that I let go to waste all my hard work. I know it isn't good to compare your body to that of another, so I try not to do it. I don't really need to, I can compare my body now to my own body just a few short years ago. I'm annoyed to no end, but only I have the ability to change where I am. I will change it to, it is just going to take time. I want success over night, but isn't going to happen and the sooner I realize that, the better off I'll be.

I feel as though this entry has taken a negative turn and that's not my intent. I'm still feeling pretty good about myself, but the clothing issue this morning played games with my head.

Thanks for reading my unload. I love this blog for the ability to get the junk out of my head. Even when I only really had one or two commenter's, this was a place to be free to clear the air with myself. It is therapeutic to get the chatter out of my head and be done with it.

Happy Healthy Days to you!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl Super Women Super Feeling

Do you have those mornings that you wake up and feel incredible? Not sure of the why of it, but you just feel on 'your game'. That is how I feel this morning. I slept like garbage last night, which is a new thing for me after my recent bout of sleeplessness, so this feeling is extremely unexpected, but no less enjoyed.

The time on the clock was ugly and I would have loved to spend more time between the sheets, but life being what life is, I was up and at 'em. A good cup of coffee and a few minutes catching a couple blog entries and then it was time to get down to the business of getting ready for work.

Last night was spent with 3 awesome women for a girl's Super Bowl party. It was such a blast. Krista, in true Krista fashion, is an incredible host. There was more food there than any human being should ever have the choice to eat in one sitting. Miss Mary and Deb (ting ting ting ting ting ting ting) were also in attendance. My abs are still aching a wee bit from the laughter as well as my stomach being stretched to the max from the foods I shouldn't have eaten, but enjoyed.

I think part of my mood this morning has to do with knowing I have that damn elliptical in the basement. I'm looking forward to giving it a work out tonight. When unpacking things yesterday I found the free weights. There aren't many, but I really don't need many. The weight bench is also in the house from the garage too. I will have Cute Boy help me get things situated down there and then I'm on way to a small home gym. No more excuses! I will still hit the gym when my work and life commitments allow, but knowing I have access to the equipment in the basement does my mental state good! It doesn't take much to impress me. :)

I can feel my shoulders and arms today. That is pathetic and an indicator as to how far I've let myself go physically. That I'm feeling pain today from 21 minutes on the elliptical is sad, so very sad. Why is it then, that I laugh or smile every time I feel the pain? That would be because I'm changing and committing to being more fit and healthier! I love it!

The day just got better, as I type this Keith Urban is playing on my radio. Life couldn't get any better than this minute right here, right now!

Have an awesome happy healthy day!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

I Did It!

I just polished off 21 minutes on the elliptical. I wasn't alone though. I had some help from some incredible friends.

Keith Urban
Theory of A Deadman (Tyler Connolly) - oh swoon
Anna Nalick
Kid Rock
And.... you!

I was belting out the tunes and on key (ya right!). It felt great. I feel great.

I said I wanted to do 20 minutes and I did 21 minutes! I will push tomorrow to do 22 minutes. That's how I roll, very much like the Jerry Lewis Telethon. $1.00 more than last year, well, I'm one more than yesterday.

Thank you for being here and giving me another chance. I will falter in being accountable to myself for the first little bit and I've failed in being accountable to you and my team. No more! I will use you as my inspiration and drive until I'm well on my way to using myself.

Ya me!

February Yankee Stadium Distance Challenge

January Distance - 38.75K
Distance Remaining - 122.44K

I will sometimes flip flop in my thoughts in regards to how I do things. Give yourself a break. You don't push yourself hard enough. This past month, I will view like this. I did something physical. I could have done more, yes. All things considered, with moving and the settling in and life in general, I could have done a hell of a lot less. I will be happy with how the month played and build from today.

1- 4.8K
2 -
3 - 2.76 + 7.40

16 - 7.29 (22.25K)

Garbly Goop and the Next Step

Let me start by saying this - WI STS this week. 133.6 for another week. It could have been worse, I could have gained.

I've been asked in response to a few previous entries, how much I want to lose and how tall I am. So here we go:

  • Height - 5' 2"
  • Goal Weight - 125-123

In another life (ugly and emotionally charged) I got down to 119/120lbs. I got to 123 in a healthy manner by eating properly and hitting the gym for intense cardio/weight training workouts 6 days per week. At times I would be at the gym 2x in one day depending on the other half's work schedule. The last push of weight loss from 123-119/120, was not eating properly at all.... coffee, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (1 per day) and cherry filled chocolate. It was unhealthy food I was eating and coupled with the small amounts, I dropped weight and I looked nasty thin.

Fast forward to now - 3.5 years later and I'm back up to 133.6 and fighting mentally with working out and getting healthier. Every day I wake up, I say this is the day I am going to make the changes to get back to where I was. I start off well and then I lose it somewhere along the way. I either don't got to the gym or I eat crap.

Yesterday, I had a moment when thinking about my life, my busy schedule, the house and all the commitments I make a priority for everyone else and not for myself. I am going to set up a work out station at home and I'm going to do my level best to encourage and help Princess as well.

Cute Boy owns the following equipment pieces:
  • A universal
  • Flat/Incline bench
  • Free Weights
  • Elliptical
  • Ball

That is more than enough to build a small home gym and that is what I'm going to do. The universal will be a bit before it's put together and I'm okay with that. I'm knowledgeable enough with the free weights and I'm confident enough to put something together, especially when partnered with Oxygen magazine. I talked with Princess about whether or not she'd like to participate and she said she's interested.

Princess has been asking me for a gym membership and I just can't swing it for her right now. Money isn't the issue it's the time constraints of getting her there. I can barely get myself there, so adding her to that mix would be near to murderously difficult. She hasn't said it to me, but I know she's concerned about this upcoming summer because she is an attendant in a wedding (maybe). Not maybe is she an attendant, but maybe there will be a wedding. LOL

So, Team Lean this is where you come in! I need an ass kickin'. I have absolutely no excuse for not doing something. The elliptical is already in the house and has been since the 2nd day here. It is now time for me to shake off the cobwebs and put the damn thing to use! The other tools I need are a little more difficult, but I can do something and I will! If I falter, pick me up and push me on my way. Hold my hand if you will, encourage and demand I do better next time. The competitive and driven side of my personality has gotten complacent and I'm tired of it and tired of me! I'm countin' on ya Team. I've let you down with not helping in putting up good numbers and I want to be successful for me and for you!

I'm off to get some things done around the house and to get on the elliptical this morning. Minimum effort is 20 minutes. In my current state, anything more than that is gravy!

Love ya!