Monday, February 16, 2009

I Scored!

Saturday night after the concert, Cute Boy's daughter and I spent the night in Ottawa at his niece's house. I love this woman. My first impression of her was that she was/is an incredible woman. I was right!

She is beautiful, driven in her career and very successful. She is an Area Associate for Montana's restaurant. I've never met a woman (or man for that matter) that works harder. This girl is non stop work, but not to the point that she doesn't have a life. She is just responsible in her actions and is accountable to her career. It is an experience to see her work.

What I'm getting at here is, she is very professional casual in her dress. Her industry demands fashionably stylish and she nails it. The thing is she's a clothes horse and recycles a lot of her outfits. This would be where I scored! She has been telling me that she would have a collection of her "I don't wear anymore" outfits to give away soon. Well, soon was Saturday. Todd's youngest and I went through the pile while at Tasha's place. Todd's little one didn't take much (too bad for her), but I came home with the mother load!

I took the 4 things out of the bag that I want and that I know Princess wouldn't. Being a vegetarian she'd not wear leather coats and the jeans don't fit her. Princess will pick through what is left over and then what she doesn't want will give back to me and I will take. All Tasha asked, whatever you don't take, please send to the Goodwill.

As you can see in my pic above, I took 4 things that I really wanted. 3, yes, 3 leather jackets, and one is red!! Can you believe that? RED!!! Yaaaa me! ;) Those jeans on there, I'm not sure how many of your are jean connoisseurs, but they are Parasuco jeans - $200 a pair and I own them... (2 pair of them) More mind boggling is, she gave them away. Tasha just recently got 2 pair of 7 For All Mankind for Christmas, so she was able to let this pair go. How good for me!!

I've been in a body funk as most that read this blog can tell. I think the timing of this gift from Tasha is perfect timing if I ever. I'm not finding the inspiration in myself, which is super sad, so I'm hoping I'll find the artificial inspiration in materialistic goods!

I'm so excited and happy when I look at this 4 little things. Tasha, you rock! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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