Friday, June 29, 2007

Weight Watchers June 29

Weighed in this morning with a loss of 1.6lbs. I don't know how the heck I did it! I'll not look a gift horse in the mouth, because I certainly don't believe I deserve this loss. I'll take it though!

I had a very emotional week with more stress than I would prefer to experience again. As much as I've lost some weight this week, I need to be a bit more in control of my choices and find more time to work out even if in small doses.

Current weight is now: 131.2lbs

Friday June 29 - Food Journal
Venti Non Fat Chai Tea Latte - 5pts
Biscuit - 3pts
Mr. Sub 6" Turkey Sub -4pts
Dairy **(2)
F&V * (1)
Water ** (2)
Total Points 12

Friday, June 22, 2007

June 22 WI and Food Journal

Weighed in this morning with a 2/10th loss. 132.8lbs Nothing major, but at this point it's not a gain. I'm keeping a positive perspective while on this journey, so in doing that I know this is about losses and gains. Take the positives when you get them and learn from the gains.

Friday June 22 - Food Journal
tortilla - 1pt
1/2 banana - 1pt
1 tbsp peanut butter - 2pt
Taco Salad - 5 pts
2 plums - 1 pt
Grande Chai Tea Latte - 4pts
F&V 1
Water ** (2)
Flex Points
Total Points 14

Saturday June 23 - Food Journal
Donut - 5pts
Hamburger - 11pts
Chicken Breast - 3pts
Baked Potato - 3pts
Sour Cream - 2pts
Ceasar Salad - 6pts
Coors Light - 3pts
Grande Chai Tea Latte -4pts
F&V ** (2)
Water ** (2)
Flex Points 9
Total Points 37 pts

Sunday June 24 - Food Journal
Grande Chai Tea Latte - 4pts
Cheeseburger - 8 pts
Small Fries - 6 pts
Coors Light - 3pts
Donut - 5pts
Water **** (4)
Activity Points - 3pts
Flex Points 11
Total Points 23

Monday June 25 - Food Journal
Tall Chai Tea Latte - 3pts
Tea Biscuit - 3pts
Pasta - 4pts
WW Lemon Cake - 1pt
Water **** (4)
Flex Points
Total Points 11

Tuesday June 26 - Food Journal
Flex Points
Total Points

Wednesday June 27 - Food Journal
Flex Points
Total Points

Thursday June 28 - Food Journal
Flex Points
Total Points

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lovin' Life

I've been remiss with posting anything of depth lately. My life is in such a great place right now and I struggle with posting. When life is difficult and filled with strife, getting the words out of my head is so much easier than posting a 'feel good' entry. Why is that? Is it truly the misery loves company syndrome? I'm putting forth an effort to change the way I do things around here!

I woke up this morning and felt amazing, so amazing in fact I had to share it with someone. Does it have anything to do with spending the day with Cute Boy and his daughters all day Saturday. It was an awesome day, one that could have only been better if Princess had been with us. She had already made plans with a friend by the time I tried to get her to share her day/evening with us. She seems to be coming around in realizing 'this' is life now! I'm very proud of her!

That I can find such happiness and peace in my life is something of which I'm surprised. I very much live two lives. One life at home with Princess and one away from home and with Cute Boy. I seem to spend more time at his house than I do my own at times, but for the most part I do what I can to keep the balance up. I fail some days and others I'm a queen of all things!

There are many things in my life that are not what I would have envisioned for myself or my girls. I have a daughter no longer living at home. I worry about her more than I show. I know she's not making decisions that are going to be good for her in the long run, but I'm trying to stand back and let things happen as they will. My motto for this one is: "Lesson learned nothing lost". There are financial stresses upon financial stresses. A job I love, but hours I hate, another 2 people to be hired in my department (more financial stress) and I'm still finding a reason to be so excited about life and what it has to offer. The biggest change I see in myself, and how I know I've changed and matured over that last few months is that these challenges are not the end of the world. Without the struggle, the sweetest moments wouldn't feel so sweet if not for the hard work put forth to achieve them.

Whatever tomorrow brings, I look forward to the day. I would much prefer the ease rather than the fight, but no matter what, I know this is my place in life. A good place it is too. This is where I want to be and would not change one single thing if it meant this is not the here and now of my days!

In closing, I want you all to know: "I have a new toothbrush!" WOOT WOOT!!!! Can I get some hands in the air with a little WOOT WOOT!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

June 15 WI and Food Journal

June 15 WI - 133lbs! Gross gross gross! I thought I was doing an 'okay' job, but as I know okay isn't good enough. I'm stuck at this up and down weight. I lose, I gain, I lose, I gain.

I'm going to attempt a different approach this week. I don't expect myself to stick hard core to it, but I'm going to do the Body for Life eating plan. It is healthy and something I've done in the past with some success. It is eating every 3 hours (speeds metabolism) and you eat 1 protien, 1 carb and 1 vegetable to a maximum of 6 meals. I don't hav my book with me, but from what I can remember I believe that is how it goes. With every meal you eat, you drink 2 cups water. I'm looking forward to trying something else, because what I have been doing is NOT working for me right now.

Friday June 15 - Food Journal
1 cup carrots - 0 pts
1 cup strawberries - 1 pt
1/2 cup cottage cheese - 2 pts
Non-fat Chai Tea Latte - 4 pts
1/2 can tuna - 1 pt
yogurt - 1 pt
apple - 1 pt
1 cup strawberries - 1pt
WW Turkey Breast and Mashed Potatoes - 4pts
WW Carrot Cake bar - 1pt
1 cup cherries - 1 pt
F&V***** (5)
Dairy* (2)
Total Points 17pts

Saturday June 16 - Food Journal
1 apple -1pt
1 donut -5pts
1 baked potato - 3pts
1 tbsp light sour cream - 1pt
1 tbsp margarine - 1pt
1 cup caesar salad - 4pts
1 shishkabob - 6pts
1 slice of cake - 8pts
Water **(2)
Flex Points - 4
Total Points 29pts

Sunday June 17 - Food Journal
Grande Non-fat Chai Tea Latte - 4pts
Greek Salad - 6pts
1 cup strawberries - 1pt
Lemon Flakey - 5 pts
KFC 2 Piece meal with coleslaw - 24 pts ~ WTF was I thinking!!!!!!!!
Flex Points - 23
Total Points 40 pts

Monday June 18 - Food Journal
WW Whole Wheat Toast /w margarine - 2 pts
1 banana - 2 pts
1 cheese string - 1 pts
2 sandwiches
4 pieces WW bread - 2 pts
2 pieces light cheese slices - 2 pts
4 pieces ham - 2 pts
1 baked potato - 3pts
1 tbsp sour cream - 1 pt
Chicken Shishkabob - 5pts
WW Ham cheese sandwich - 3pts
Flex Points 25
Total Points 23 pts

Tuesday June 19 - Food Journal
WW Whole Wheat Toast - 2pts
WW Lemon Cake - 1pt
Turtles Chocolate Bar - 6pts (feeling sorry for myself)
2 small plums - 1pt
Total Points 10 pts

This week was a total waste. I developed an eye infection that threw me for a total loop! I struggled with so many things and the eating well just went right out the window. I can report that I did have a loss as much as I didn't expect it!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

June Running Log

June 5 - 4.5K (5.1)
June 10 - 7.1K (6/1)
June 12 - 5K (6/1)
June 14 - 5.3K (6/1)
Total 21.9K

Friday, June 08, 2007

Weight Watchers - June 8, 2007

June 8th - WI 130.6 for a loss of 2.2lbs!
I'm sooooo excited. I've not seen a loss like this in a very long time, but on a positive note I've not followed WW this accurately in some time either!

June 8 - Food Journal
Grande Non Fat Chai Tea Latte - 4 pts
1 cup strawberries - 1 pt
1 cheese string - 1 pt
2 cups lettuce - 0 pts
Tortilla chips - 2 pts
Catalina Dressing 2 pts
Corona's - 12 pts
Krista's Pizza 3 slices - 15 pts Yummy Yummy in my Tummy!
F&V **** (4)
Flex Points 16
Total Points 37

June 9 - Food Journal
banana - 2 pts
chocolate tim bit - 1 pt
2 cups lettuce - 0 pts
9 tortilla chips - 2 pts
sprinkle of cheese - 2 pts
Catalina Dressing - 2 pts
1 cup coke - 1 pt
Chicken - 2 pts
Tortillas - 4 pts
Cheese - 2 pts
Sour Cream - 4 pts
1/2 cup lettuce - 0 pts
Appletini - 6 pts
Water************ (12)
F&V** (5)
Flex Points (23)
Total Points 28

Sunday June 10 - Food Journal
1/2 Cadbury Thins Chocolate Bar - 1 pt
Grande Non-Fat Chai Tea Latte - 4 pts
Grande Non-Fat Chai Tea Latte - 4 pts
Corona Extra 3 pts -- Here I go drinking my points again. Bad, but oh so good.
DQ Buster Bar - 12 pts
Slice Domino's Pepperoni Pizza - 8 pts
Water *******(7)
Activity Points 5 (7.1KM run)
Flex Points (34)
Total Points 32

Monday June 11 - Food Journal
Grande Non-Fat Chai Tea Latte - 4 pts
Banana - 2 pts
Taco Salad - 7 pts
Tea Biscuit 4 pts
F&V** (4)
Water ********(8)
Flex Points 33
Total Points - 20 pts

Tuesday June 12 - Food Journal
Grande Non-Fat Chai Tea Latte - 4pts
Taco Salad - 6 pts
Tea Biscuit - 4 pts
Water ********(8)
AP (3) 5K run
Flex Points (32)
Total Points 11 pts

Wednesday June 13 - Food Journal
Biscuit - 4pts
Taco chips - 3pts
Grapes - 1 pt
1 cup Romaine Lettuce - 0 pt
27 ml light caesar dressing - 2pts
1tbsp cheese - 1 pt
1/2 cup pasta salad - 3pts
chocolate 1 pts
Tapioca pudding 3 pts
Hot Fudge Sundae
Water***** (5)
Flex Points
Total Points 15 pts

Thursday June 14 - Food Journal
Grande Non-Fat Chai Tea Latte - 4pts
1/2 cup cottage cheese 2 pts
1 cup carrots 0pts
small fries - 6pts
bagel - 5pts
AP (3) 5.1K run
F&V *
Flex Points
Total Points 17pts

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Paint Me Rainbows ~ Fern Michaels

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Traveling with just her shattered pride and a wedding dress, Jill Barton headed west--attempting to escape the heartbreak and humiliation of being left at the altar. Her desperate flight took her deep into the woods of Washington State . . . and into the arms of hard-bitten Logan Matthews.
Not much to say about this novel. It was a typical Harlequin Romance-type novel. Extremely predictable and very much fluff. I'm trying to make my way through the works of Fern Michaels, to the best of my abilities, in chronological order.

Awwww, who can't use a little more romance and fluff in their life. If that is your fancy this book is most definetely for you.

Body Double ~ Tess Gerritsen

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Pregnant women play key roles in this bone-chilling fourth novel in Gerritsen's edgy, suspenseful series of thrillers featuring Boston Medical Examiner Maura Isles and Homicide Detective Jane Rizzoli. Both of the usually gritty crime fighters are uncharacteristically vulnerable. Rizzoli is carrying her first child, and Isles—divorced and alone at age 40 and suddenly, unsettlingly aware of her biological clock—is experiencing decidedly unspiritual feelings for her priest. As the novel begins, Isles—an adopted child who never knew the identity of her birth parents—is confronted by the corpse of a murdered woman who is apparently her identical twin. Another detective, Rick Ballard, comes forward to say that he knew the victim and is certain her killer is a powerful pharmaceutical baron known to have stalked her. Isles falls for the handsome Ballard, but she isn't convinced by his theory, and she launches an investigation into her sister's past, following the trail to a state correctional facility and a schizophrenic inmate who may be her mother. This opens the cobwebbed pages of a nightmarish family album and leads Isles to a remote cabin in Maine where the long-dead body of a pregnant woman is discovered buried in the woods. The killer, Isles discovers, has been murdering pregnant women for decades, making periodic sweeps of the country. Meanwhile, brief scenes chronicle the diabolical kidnapping of an affluent pregnant housewife who is kept buried in a crude coffin. An electric series of startling twists, the revelation of ghoulishly practical motives and a nail-biting finale make this Gerritsen's best to date.

This was probably my least favorite in the series. The story was good, but didn't leave me anxious to get back to the novel when having to put it down for whatever reason. The last two novels centered around Dr. Isles, which I didn't expect. I was expecting more from the life of Jane Rizzolli. I must say in conclusion though, the ending very much surprised me, didn't see 'that' coming, so now I am anxious for the next installment! Tess Gerritsen has done her job again, if my desire to get my hands on the next novel is any indication!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June Food

I'm going start an on-line food and fitness journal. I've started them in the past with the greatest of intentions to only let it lapse to a point of redundancy.

I will do my best to track back my eating and exercise for the month.

June 1 ~
WI 132.8 ~ my highest weight since as far back as I can remember. I'm disgusted by this, but something I really want to change. To change it, I must change my lifestyle.

Friday June 1 - Food Journal
banana - 2 pts
McDonald's cheeseburger - 7 pts
french fries - 5 pts
Tim Horton's cookie (3) - 12 pts (ouchie)
1/2 cup potato salad - 4 pts
bun - 3 pts
Non-Fat Chai Tea Latte - 4 pts
Grapes - 2 pts
Kashi snack bar - 2 pts
chips - 4 pts
chocolate bar - 2 pts
Water **********
Total Points - 47 pts
Activity ~ 29.6K walking at the Relay for Life

Saturday June 2 - Food Journal
Tim Horton's Cappucino - 6 pts
Tim Horton's Chocolate Dip Donut - 5 pts
Kelsey's Taco Salad - 12 pts (guessing. can't find values - no sour cream)
Licorice 2 piece - 3 pts
Pepsi - 1 pt
Water ****
Total Points - 27 points

Sunday June 3 - Food Journal
2 pieces toast - 5 pts
2 hot dogs - 16 points
chips - 3 pts
Water ******
Donut 5 pts
Total Points - 29 points

Monday June 4 - Food Journal
banana - 2pts
toast - 5 pts
pasta salad - 4 pts
2- Corona Light - 4 pts
potato salad - 4 pts
Tim Horton's Donut - 5 pts
Pink Lady Apple - 1 pt
water ********
Total Points - 25 points

Tuesday June 5 - Food Journal
Venti Non Fat Chai Tea Latte - 5 pts
banana - 2 pts
1 cup Captain Crunch cereal - 2 pt
2 tortillas - 4 pts
1/2 can tuna - 2 pts
1 cup shredded lettuce - 0 pts
1 tbsp Light Mayonnaise - 1 pt
PB and banana sandwich - 7 pts (worth every point, too)
Water ******** (8)
Activity - 3 pts 4.5K run
Total Points 23

Wednesday June 6 - Food Journal
Biscuit 4 pts (I really need to hit a grocery store)
Yogurt - 1 pt
WW Turkey Breast and Potatoes - 4 pts
Greek Salad - 4 pts
Chocolate Rice Cake - 1pt
Cheese String - 1 pt
Small Blizzard - 14 pts (d'uh)
Pepperoni Pizza, Dominos (2 slices) - 16 pts
Water ******** (8)
Total Points 45

Thursday June 7 - Food Journal
Tall Non Fat Chai Tea Latte - 3 pts
1 cup grapes - 1 pts
Ice tea mix - 1 pt (bleh)
1 cheese string - 1 pt
2 cups lettuce - 0 pt
catalina dressing - 2 pts
tortilla chips - 4 pts
Water **** (4)
Total Points 12

In summation, I had a great week. I did drink too many points and will try and change that this coming week! Mood indicator: Feeling great!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Bang On, Baby!

My horoscope for today is bang on! I've been playing the 'tomorrow/today' game for so long now, I can't remember when it started. I know I need to make changes in my everyday life and apparently the horoscope guru knows it too!

There is a great deal of transforming energy in the air that you should harness and capitalize on. You may be a frequent fan of the diet that you start "tomorrow." When tomorrow comes and there is a huge meal of pizza, soda, and French fries in front of you, suddenly the diet once again starts "tomorrow." Use the powerful energy of the day to break out of these habits and make a real change in your life.

I'll do my best to keep you posted on my progress. I'm at my highest weight since last summer, this after getting to 123lbs. I'm so disappointed in myself. I used to be such a driven individual, up for any challenge and now I feel downright lazy with no drive to accomplish anything.

I want to change my outlook on this weight loss battle and my fitness goals. I look at things with a do it all or nothing approach. Not always good. If I don't run, I wont settle for a walk. A walk isn't as much, for me, as a run, but it is better than nothing! Thereinlies what has to change in my head to make the changes in my body!

Today shall be the day! A new day towards a new me. One meal at a time, one day at a time working towards a new me with a new and improved outlook and attitude!