Monday, March 14, 2011

Late for Lent

I never did post what I was giving up for Lent. I didn't know what would best suit me this year, almost to the point I thought I wouldn't be participating this year. I finally figured it out.

I am going to give up negative self-talk. I am really bad about listening to the internal voice that chatters to me. The chattering isn't usually a positive comment, but something that is a pick at a physical trait or a personal limitation. The way clothes fit or don't fit. That sorta things getting exhausting!

It dawned on me this week at my WW meeting. I weighed in with a loss of .5lbs. I wanted more than a half pound loss. I would have normally come here and said, "I only lost a half pound". I lost half pound. That is a half pound that brings me closer to my ultimate goal. That is a half pound that puts me that much closer to fitting in to clothing that didn't fit last month. I am a half pound closer to all those things. I am happy with that.

Negative chatter no more. It may take me a bit and I'll keep working on it.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Week One Weigh In

My first week back on Weight Watchers following the Points Plus Program, was a pretty good week. I lost 1lb. I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking to lose more on my first official week back. I will be happy with this loss though. A loss, no matter how small is always better than a gain.

There has been a lot going on in my personal life. Really, when isn't there? I find that I'm mentally and emotionally distracted with a lot of what is going on, so that I didn't eat my way through it - can you say CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE and more CHOCOLATE???

I started training for my second
Ottawa Half Marathon. I've logged 8 miles and am already 3 runs behind. I'm not stressing over it though. Things will figure themselves out eventually.

Velda, my dear friend, started her chemo treatments this week. I've been pretty quiet on here about all things Velda. I'm pretty quiet lately about all things Velda in all aspects of my life. I just don't really want to deal right now, so in true fashion, I just don't talk about it.

I think that is all I have to share for today.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

February Flop?

There is no try, only do. I will not say I tried to get to the gym in the month of February. If I had tried harder to make it there I would have. Apparently in the month of February, I didn't want it bad enough.

I made it to the gym 5/28 days with 2 weight training sessions. That is not a good number. It leaves a lot of room for improvement. March is a new month and a new beginning to getting myself moving; my body and the scale.

Total distance traveled in the month of February 11.36 miles. I will definitely be building on that total and I look forward to the challenge of hitting higher totals per week/month.