Monday, March 14, 2011

Late for Lent

I never did post what I was giving up for Lent. I didn't know what would best suit me this year, almost to the point I thought I wouldn't be participating this year. I finally figured it out.

I am going to give up negative self-talk. I am really bad about listening to the internal voice that chatters to me. The chattering isn't usually a positive comment, but something that is a pick at a physical trait or a personal limitation. The way clothes fit or don't fit. That sorta things getting exhausting!

It dawned on me this week at my WW meeting. I weighed in with a loss of .5lbs. I wanted more than a half pound loss. I would have normally come here and said, "I only lost a half pound". I lost half pound. That is a half pound that brings me closer to my ultimate goal. That is a half pound that puts me that much closer to fitting in to clothing that didn't fit last month. I am a half pound closer to all those things. I am happy with that.

Negative chatter no more. It may take me a bit and I'll keep working on it.

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