Monday, May 31, 2010

First Half Marathon Report

That would be the smiling face of a woman about ready to run the first half marathon of her life. It is crazy to think the day had finally arrived and that I finished in 2:41:59.8

It was a long path. I guess all runner's have a story, and after this experience I have a story too. Not only do I have a story to tell, but the stories I witnessed is enough to have me smiling for days.

The morning started off pretty quiet. The alarm went off and I laid in bed for a few minutes watching videos. I wasn't as nervous in the morning as I was the night before, which I found rather strange. It was the do or die moment, I think. There was no turning back at this point. Not that that there was ever a moment that I wouldn't follow through with this. It's just not how I'm wired.

I had various items of support with me:
Red shirt - my favorite colour
Shoe soldier - From Bree to Velda to me
Hat - from Cute Boy
Purple sweat rag - Velda
Music - from my girls
Pam and Mary - support

The shoe bling

Off to the race site we head, Mary, Pam and I. Tracy who was to come with us, had a family situation that kept her from spending the weekend with us. :( Let me say it here and now. I couldn't have chosen better supporters to travel with. Pam and Mary kept me entertained and filled me with hope and confidence. I couldn't be more thankful for their love and support.

The 1/2 was started in waves so as to alleviate congestion where the full and half met up. I was in the Red Corral. Okay, how cool is that? Red is my favorite colour. So, being slow had it's advantages. ;)

I was so far back from the start line, I could barely see it. It took almost 19 minutes for me to cross the start line. It was then that race really began for me. Those first few steps in an actual Boston qualifier and holy hell, I was doing it. One problem with this delayed training and whatnot, my Garmin and I got in a fight, so I was without it for the first 40 minutes. That really threw me off my game. I used my ipod as a timer on my walk/run splits. Oh well! Not everything is going to go right on game day.

I was in the 3+ pace group. Yee of little faith. At one point I saw the 2:45 pace bunny. I wanted her and I wanted her bad! I passed her, by a long shot and then all of a sudden she was back in my vision. Ahead of me! I don't know what happened to my pace, but I was pissed. It was a back and forth with the 2:45 pace bunny. At points I was envisioning smacking her with her little timer stick! LOL

I met up with a woman and ran with her for about 10 minutes and then pulled away. I realized I really was on this journey on my own. I wanted to set my own pace. No matter how fast or slow, I wanted to have the freedom to do my own thing and not feel less than someone else. I ran every training run on my own. No need at this point to mess with what got me this far.

I hit a favorite song at 5K and it totally pushed me forward. Jay-Z, you are the man! I was neither here nor there about the music I was hearing, except for a few songs. A few reminded me of Cute Boy and that was very special while I was out there. A few reminded me of each of my girls. I contemplated putting The Climb on there, but didn't think that was the smartest decision for me at this point in time, or ever.

There was never a moment that I doubted I would finish. There were moments of incredible inspiration, but never many of doubt in myself or the process. The various runners of age, body and physical disabilities, but really disabilities? I don't think so. They were on the route running a half marathon. That in my mind was incredible. I saw people with braces on their knees, ice packs taped to their shins. The whole thing was just mind blowing. I loved it.

I have to give a shout out to any of the volunteers that stood for hours handing out electrolyte drinks, water, gel shots, water sponges, Vaseline swabs. I made sure to thank every volunteer that I was fortunate enough to be supplied something from, usually with a 'You are a rock star' comment. It made them smile. It made me smile. The people on the side of the roads, when they would be encouraging, I would make sure to make eye contact and give a quick smile so they would know they made a difference in my race experience. They really do make a difference!Sometimes it's a bit embarrassing, but it was greatly appreciated and many times just what I needed.

All in all this was an experience that I wouldn't trade for a minute. I'm on the fence about whether I will do another. That is for another time to be thought about long and hard, but not right now. I did this one. I didn't prepare the way I had wanted to, but I'm happy with the outcome. Now, if there is something you think you can't do, go out and try! You just never know how well you may do! Have faith in yourself.

And, the hardware!


Friday, May 28, 2010


My first week back in the blog world and I'm doing okay. No pressure in the comment department. Just doing this to get this stuff out of my head. Although, to those that have commented - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

Weighed in this morning and it was an ugly happening. I'm hovering at a ridiculously high weight. In an attempt to not lose my noodle, I'll just remember I was this high before and I changed things. A gain of 2.6lbs is pretty much a colossal FAIL!!! I can change things again. Now, if that darn gym will just hurry up and open.

Speaking of the gym. They have been calling me about my personal training payments or something. I don't have a clue. I have to call them back today because by the sounds of it John is going to blow a gasket if I don't return his call. I've heard some rumours that the gym is about 1 month behind in opening. That would not be a good thing. I need the gym, like yesterday.

I have my half marathon 2 days from now. Yooowzers! Can you say freakin' out? I've not packed yet. I've not charged my ipod. I've not charged my Garmin. Nothing. Am I in denial?? You wanna bet I am! One of the girls that was to come with is not now. She has some things going on with her teenage daughter that is keeping her pretty close to home this weekend. She will be greatly missed! A good time will still be had, but without one. :(

Other than all the chatter above, I haven't much to say today. I'm off to guzzle water and find some vegetable to stick in my mouth. Not as much of that as I thought apparently.

Over and out! I'll be back on Sunday evening with a race update! If you're prayin' sort, keep me in mind on Sunday will ya!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Woozers Wednesday

Wednesday was not as successful food wise, but it was a great day.

Cute Boy and I did some work around the house and then stuffed our bellies with grilled steaks, asparagus, garlic potatoes and 2 beer! It was the beer and the steak that really upset the scales in the eating department. It was all good though. Good tasting and good mentally. It was hot as hades in my neck of the woods and that beer was just what I needed. Water would have been better for me, but wouldn't have tasted quite as good. ;)

I'm down to 3 days for the half marathon. That is crazy. I've not been training like I should be. Very afraid of aggravating the shin splints, so I'm just winging it. I mean no disrespect to those that train hours and hours hitting the street. I just can not muster the strength of character to hit the street, I'm that scared. I don't know what would be worse. Running this thing the way I am, on a wing and a prayer or running it with pain. It's a tough decision, but not one I can change now.

In other non running/eating related news. The Velda's Angels Relay for Life team has hit it's online fundraising goal of $1500! I'm uber excited about that! This event has been a lot of planning and a lot of work, but something that has been extremely rewarding. I'm blessed with the help and support of some amazing women. Some read the blog and some don't. You know who you are! In my head and in my heart - YOU ARE ROCK STARS!

Wednesday was a great day! Now to get going on Thursday and make it just a good.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Day 1 was a success. Stayed within my points. Could have done better on the fruit and veggie intake.

I will take today as a victory and a good place to start over.

Or So She Thought

I've been getting outside of my head lately and figured I'd be best to find my way back to 'my' place. This is where I will be unloading my good bad and ridiculous! To hell with whether or not I get comments. How freaking vain am I anyway to think that what I have to say prompts others to support, comment or criticize.

I was sitting last night running dialogue through my head and grabbed my food journal to jot down some thoughts. I'm so far removed from tracking, eating properly and working out. I've never been this way before, not since I've gained the knowledge that my body deserves better. Craves better, actually!

The food journal entry follows:

141.1lbs. That is probably a low number, that was Friday and it is now Monday.

Nothing fits. I am so 'body sad'. I just keep putting poor-food choice food in my mouth. It doesn't feel good to feel like I do right now. I need to change my mindset of instant gratification, for long term happier success.

Tuesday is a new day. Water! Fruit and veggies!

The day is off to a good start. So far, so good.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

That's All She Wrote

I've been giving it a quite a bit of thought lately and I think I'm about ready to shut down this blog.

The readership is not going up and hasn't had a new follower in months, nor much interest from readers. Most entries get an average of 2 comments. I don't post frequently and I've not found my niche in the blogging world. I will not slam how others do their entries, but with that being said, the most common entry in blogdom, is not my style.

I have made a couple amazing connections through my blog and am extremely blessed for that. As much as I would be honoured to have a large group of followers, and comments, I am more of a quality over quantity type of person. I'm more about making solid connections than being the popular one. This blog shows me that more than anything else. To those, who I have forged a bond and connection, I will continue to read your blogs, post and encourage you in your adventures and successes.

I was going to wait until after my 1/2 marathon to post my final entry. As much as I could do that, I just don't see the point in delaying the inevitable.

So, on that note -

Take care.
Be good to those you love.
Be kind to yourself.
You have it in yourself to be the very best you can be! Never sell yourself short!


Monday, May 03, 2010

Productive Monkey on Monday

Do you ever get so mad at someone you could just cry. You're not hurt. You're just so angry at them you could cry. Oh, and this time, it's not Cute Boy. Phew!

I have a co-worker that is ridiculous and I say that in the nicest way possible. We have been friends for 18 years and seen each other through a lot. She can be very nice and then..... like a lurking predator in shallow waters (cue the Jaws music), she comes up and bites you in the ass. A word of advice - Do not drunk dial. Better yet, DO NOT DRUNK DIAL ME AT WORK! In all seriousness get yourself some help!

Just had to get that off my chest.

On to the good part of my day! I was very Relay For Life productive today. I have arranged an economical fee for advertising for our team yard sale/bake sale.

I have secured A-frame signs to advertise Velda's Angels yard sale, from my real estate agent/friend. He is going to drop them off at the house a few days prior to the yard sale. Andy, you rock!

I bought some supplies for the yard sale - yellow bristol board, yellow balloons, pricing stickers.

I was able to print off some copies of the flyer and have given a few to a friend who is going to hang them up around her house so as to generate some business. I've talked to the library and Starbucks to ensure I can advertise there. Both were very gracious and encouraging. Sweet!!!!

Krista has made some headway in getting us a 16' pool to sell at our yard sale. I'm stoked about that. I have people that are scouring their basements for stuff to sell and e-mails sent requesting baked goodies to be donated as well.

I have the keys to the house where the yard sale is being held, so I can start co-ordinating the drop off of stuff. That should be fun, if not a bit challenging.

I'm a notebook toting organizer, trying to keep all my hats in place with regards to what I have to do and remember where and when I have to be somewhere. It's going to be a very hectic month and then factor in I have a 1/2 marathon to run in 27 days. How the hell did that happen?

Oh, and the best part, I got a $25.00 donation today! How cool is that? Tres cool!

Stay tuned. Tomorrow will have more exciting news. This one, I'm excited about, if not a little bit sad, but the reason I Relay!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

A 5K Day

So, as some readers may be aware, I've been suffering from shin splints and on account of that, I've pretty much nixed my 1/2 marathon training in the hopes of not aggravating the situation.

My 1/2 marathon is less than a month away and I'm getting nervous about the time off and the injury. I have to test the body at some point. Today is that day.

I stretched.
I ran 5K (40 minutes).
I stretched.
I iced.

I'm still breathing and feel not too bad. My time is in line with my normal 5K time give or take a few minutes. I'm good with that. My bowels are not playing along, but I'm hoping over the next 2-3 weeks with consistent 5-10K's my body (bowels) catch up with the training plan.

There is something sweet about looking at the sweat glistening on my shoulders as I was pumping away. I love the trickle of it running down my back. The burn of the muscles. The beat of my heart. This isn't the easiest thing I've ever done, but it certainly is one of the most incredible feelings. It is so out of my comfort zone it's unbelievable. That is priceless!