Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Or So She Thought

I've been getting outside of my head lately and figured I'd be best to find my way back to 'my' place. This is where I will be unloading my good bad and ridiculous! To hell with whether or not I get comments. How freaking vain am I anyway to think that what I have to say prompts others to support, comment or criticize.

I was sitting last night running dialogue through my head and grabbed my food journal to jot down some thoughts. I'm so far removed from tracking, eating properly and working out. I've never been this way before, not since I've gained the knowledge that my body deserves better. Craves better, actually!

The food journal entry follows:

141.1lbs. That is probably a low number, that was Friday and it is now Monday.

Nothing fits. I am so 'body sad'. I just keep putting poor-food choice food in my mouth. It doesn't feel good to feel like I do right now. I need to change my mindset of instant gratification, for long term happier success.

Tuesday is a new day. Water! Fruit and veggies!

The day is off to a good start. So far, so good.

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