Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wasted Time

I feel like I'm doing nothing but wasting time.

Wasting time with thoughts of wanting to work out.

Wasting time pretending to eat properly then blow it with stupid decisions.

Wasting time working to pay for a gym membership that I don't use.

Wasting time spending energy with negative self imagine and self worth thoughts.

My weight has hit another all time high. This is getting to the point of pathetic, if not already past the point of pathetic. Something has to give and I do hope it's not the button on my pants.

My plan for the month of July was to run/walk a distance of 30 miles. That is a distance of 1 mile per day. Not too hard, right? Wrong!!!! I went to the gym 3x for a total distance of 12.38 miles. That distance includes a 6 mile walk, so to say I came up short would be an understatement.

I give up!