Monday, February 23, 2009

Love, Exhausted

I've not been feeling well the last little bit, so much so that I stayed home from work Thursday past and could have probably or should have done the same today.

I went to work Friday, was a right off Friday night and 95% of Saturday. Sunday, I started to feel a bit better only to be feeling like crap again today. I'm tired, and right now, tired of being me.

To make sick matters even worse, I had to be up early today because the plumbing company was coming to do some work on the downstairs bathroom. I just wanted to stay in bed, especially considering the fact I didn't sleep well last night.

There is some good news to report in and amongst all the sick. I took this in to be framed. I should have it back by the 2nd week of March, if not sooner. I didn't have a lot of room on the one side for framing, but the consultant thinks it will come out okay with just a frame. I really didn't want to mat this piece. I chose a frame that I hope matches the flooring in the house well. The price was crazy, even factoring in the 55% off coupon I used. This piece holds tremendous sentimental value to me, so the money is just a minor annoyance. I'm really looking forward to having this piece hanging in the bedroom. I will post a picture of the finished piece as soon as I'm able.

I do have a couple proud moments to share with you in regards to dropping off this piece for framing. The first person to see the piece commented on how old the piece looked. I told her it is only 1 year old. She was shocked, since the fabric looks much older than that. Another co-worker came in while she was measuring up the framing size and he was 'ewwing and awwwing'. He made a similar comment about how old a piece it was and was equally shocked with the fact that I only just stitched it. I was so impressed, especially knowing I dyed the fabric myself and an antiquated look is the one I was hoping to achieve. Yaaaa me.

Is it Friday yet?

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