Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Love With A Capital L

Love With A Capital L
February 25, 2007 - March 31, 2008
216 hours 25 minutes

I put the final stitches in this last night. I was so relieved to finally have it completed. Lily says to me, I would have thought you'd show more excitement! LOL I was more relieved it seemed than excited.

I should apologize for the picture quality. I didn't have time to mess around and get a good pic. I had to take Alyssa's camera to her since I've been borrowing it for months, and I was just about to walk out the door when I finished this and snapped the shot.

As happy as I am to have it finished, it is weird to not be focused on it any longer. I was sitting looking at it last night and thinking how strange it will be to no longer be working on it. Funny how you push to get something finished and then as soon as you have completed it, you miss it. The one thing I will not miss is the frogging! There were more frogging in this piece than any other piece I've ever worked on. I'm not sure why, but it was annoying as all get out. I had to keep reminding myself how beautiful it would be once I was finished, so just work through the frogging and try not to get discouraged. I probably added an additional 15-20 hours to the total because of mistakes. Oh well, it's done now.

I have to thank a few people in helping me get this finished. Velda, for the floss and Pam for the floss along with many others that offered to send my their remaining skeins of 321. I used 1o skeins of DMC floss to complete the pattern minus to large 'L'. I know it used more floss than I would have due to the frogging, but I never imagined I'd used 10 skeins. I'm surprised to say, I still love red!

I'm going to put this away for a bit before I look towards framing it. I just can't justify the money right now, but I will not let it languish in my closet with numerous other pieces waiting to be framed. I will not.

Thank you to everyone that leaves a comment. I truly appreciate them. I thank you for seeing me through this piece. It has been quite the journey and your kind comments over the past year have inspired me and encouraged me to keep plugging away.

Happy stitching days to you!

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