Friday, March 28, 2008

Computer Room 95% Finished

My contractor finally found his way back to my house after his most recent hiatus from a hand injury. I'm happy to say ALL the work on his end of things is now complete. I now await the final bill. Am I freaking out a little bit? You bet I am!

The following pics are the state of my computer room as of right this very minute. My picture program, actually my entire computer is acting wonky, so I was unable to adjust the colour on the second pic. Sorry.

The only work left to do in this room is to paint the 4 doors. The door to the storage area, the entry door, garage and laundry room.

Things aren't perfect but they will do! I'm happy with how things have turned out. It would have been less stressful and more enjoyable if things had gone smoother. I was dilussional in the beginning thinking things with renovations would ever go smoothly. This being the first time I've ever paid another to fix things, and not just have my ex-husband doing things, I thought you got in, got out and were finished. Apparently not! Oh well, it's done now.

The only major remaining job is the entryway stairs coming down to the computer room. They need a few more coats of varathane and then the painting is to begin. You can see the stairs in the first picture. Cute Boy will be doing the majority of the painting and when that will happen I'm not sure since he is home sick in bed at the moment.

I will be back later with an update on our plans as to what we're doing as far as building a house. This promises to be interesting if nothing else .

Thanks for sticking with me while all this mess has unfolded.


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