Friday, March 14, 2008

The Basement Has a Floor

There are no words necessary for this one! YUCKY!!

You can obviously see the colour marks on the floor. The flooring we bought, there was faulty flooring planks, so Cute Boy just coloured them in. I've heard of colour filler stuff, but never used it before. It is really cool. It will have to dry for a few days then we can wash it off. It would normally be something that would drive me nuts, but the match is really very close, as much as it may not appear so from this vantage point.

As soon as Cute Boy installed the last piece of flooring plank, I called the contractor. Insert scream right here!!!!!!! He informs me that he fell last week and sprained his hand. He will do his best to get here today (not seen him yet), but soonest he will be there if not by today.

I was talking to a girl at work about this situation, actually she is aware of the entire saga. She had a phrase for this type of behaviour, but I can't remember it. It is when a contractor over extends himself/herself he will make stories such as this to the lower paying less profitable customer. I know Scott told me I don't have to pay until the house is finalized, his idea not mine, but I hate the thoughts that this might very well be the case. Who's to know really.

I'm trying not to keep a hardline date in my head for listing since I'm almost a full month past my original hopeful list date. Now that being said, I'm now hoping for the Tuesday after the Easter weekend. We'll see that happens!

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