Monday, March 10, 2008

Stitching Stories

I've been stitching some the last couple days, 3 hours in the last two days to be exact. There are days that I don't necessarily want to go to work, but when I get to stitch, I love my job. If it wasn't for the stitching I'm able to do at work, I'd find no time at all for this crafting outlet of mine.

I know a while ago I mentioned that I was going to work 1 hour each Sunday on a UFO piece. I have been negligent in doing so with my push to finish Love. That changed today. I worked for an hour on Halloween Fairy. The girl now has a neck and chin. I ran out of time and the anal tendencies that dictate my world forced me to put her down without finishing her face. Next week for sure the girl should have herself a blindfold. How exciting and just a tad bit naughty!

I've been wanting to finish Love for the last little bit, but it has been shelved for the time being so I can work on another piece. Rather fitting, the new piece I'm working on is also something I fondly refer to as 'Love'. I'm stitching it in hopes that it can help heal a broken heart. More on that once the piece has been assembled and received. I will show a pic when finished though. It is riddled with specialty stitches and as specialty stitches are not my forte, I'm a bit slow. All in the name of the game though, so I'll continue to plug along.

This piece is little but means a lot to me. I'm honoured to be a part of the overall plan for this piece, but it is with a wee broken heart of my own that I stitch it. There are moments when I will be staring off in to space thinking of the reason behind my contributions and it just tears me up. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook on the reason and what this truly represents. A love of depth and strength between two people. To find that in this lifetime; what greater gift than the opportunity to love another and have the very person love you the same in return.

Just thought I'd share that little bit of stitching news from my corner of the world.

Happy stitching days to you!

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