Wednesday, April 02, 2008

March - April Stitching Goals

Phew! That was a lot of work, finishing up Love with a Capital L. I did it though and now that the glow is wearing off a bit, I'm absolutely ecstatic! I keep looking at it amazed that I finished it.

March saw the completion of 2 pieces. That is incredible! I'm on a roll now ladies! Who knows what else I can do with 2 finishes in 1 month. I could actually put the stitching world on it's ear with another finish this year. Wouldn't that be something! LOL

I logged a total of 36 hours and 5 minutes for the month of March. I'm always happy when I exceed the 1 per day average. I really should have been a statistician!

I worked on the following pieces:

  1. A special piece for a friend
  2. Paula Vaughan's Rose of Sharon (Finish It 3 piece)
  3. Love with a Capital L.
It is now time to start thinking of my next finish or what I hope to be my next finish. With that thought I'll list my goals for the month of April. Since I do the bulk of my stitching at work on the weekends, and I'm off the 2nd weekend of April I will account for that down time when setting goals for myself.

April Goals
Halloween Fairy - 3 hours
Job's Tears - 8 hours
Rose of Sharon - 10 hours
'Special piece' - 10 hours
Bonus Goals
Summer Breeze - 5 hours
Enchanted Fairy - 5 hours

If I can reach my goals I should be very near to the finish line on Job's Tears. That would be awesome and so very exciting. Of course, I'll keep you posted. I added the bonus goals in the hopes of having a lot of time to dedicate to my stitching this month. I mentioned in a previous post I would like to finish a focus piece and then work my rotation 5 hours on each WIP. This a small step towards that goal.

So, I should close this out and get my work finished, or better yet started, since I am at work , so I can put needle to thread and get those goals accomplished!

Happy stitching days to you!

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