Monday, April 21, 2008

Seven Up - Janet Evanovich

Stephanie thinks she's going after an easy FTA: a senior citizen charged with smuggling contraband cigarettes. But when she and Lula show up at his house, they get more than they bargained for - a corpse in the woodshed and an old man on the lam. Stephanie's mind is on other matters, however, because she has two proposals to consider: vice cop Joe Morelli is proposing marriage, and fellow bounty hunter Ranger is proposing a single perfect night...


Book #6 - This was just the kind of distraction I needed. It was typical Stephanie shenanigans and it got me through a couple days of being sick. I never read two of this series back to back because I find them so similar in format. I break them up so I don't get bored and find the predictability annoying. I'm now half way through the series!

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