Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Girls Night Out - Beware!

As is always I have problems when trying to put to words the great time I have when with Mary, Krista, and this time, Princess. We all hung out together on Tuesday night and tore it up in the States. What an absolute blast I had.

There were so many laughs and so many moments that can only really be described as 'had to be there'. I'm not sure that Princess really enjoyed herself, but it was great to have her along, as much as I think she was overwhelmed by the rambunctious behaviour of her mother and 2 crazy friends. Both Mary and Krista were lucky I didn't dump them on the side of the road! I threatened the US Customs Officer upon entering the States that I would in all likelihood be leaving Krista with his country! Miss Mary amped up her nasty behaviour and was going to be left behind as well. Go Boston! My ass!!!

Go Boston seemed to be the theme of the day after crossing the border. You see, I sport really sweet 'YNKEEGRL' licence plates. Who do you think the US Custom Officer roots for? If you guessed Boston, you'd be right. Damn it! So I took some good spirited ribbing from him and then from the girls! Again, Go Boston my ass! I'll not even get started on the inner office mail I got from Krista a few days following the trip.

There wasn't a lot of money spent. We did hit the Bath and Body Works where I restrained myself and only purchased 3 bottles of hand soap. Oh the smell is heavenly. I love to pee just so I can wash my hands with this wonderful smell.

Dinner found us at Appleby's. OMG it was sooo good. I love their WW friendly menu. My dinner was just the right amount of food for a good amount of points. Included in our wonderful meal was the offer of a 'backs' (box for those of you lost there). This waitress was pretty good and her accent had us cracking up. The hotties (NOT) at the bar being offered Shirley Temples. I tell no lies. It was hilarious. Big buff, military dudes being offered Shirley Temples was too funny. Appleby's is really the place to be in Watertown on Tuesday night. There was DUDE in the parking lot with his DO rag on his head..... how about a DON'T rag. Some things just don't need to be seen. Not now, not ever. Dude thinking he's all hot in his rag waving at 4 young woman in a car. Okay, maybe we're not all young. I'll not even touch on the looks Princess was getting from men throughout the day. I was going to kick some serious American Ass. Oh the joys of being the mother of a well developed teenage daughter.

Besides hitting Bath and Body Works, the main reason for our trip was to hit the 24 hour Walmart for some much needed American stores only foods. One of my favorite things ever is grocery shopping in the states. Thank you Price Is Right. There are so many foods not available in Canada that I continually see on commercials. Well now is my time to stock up. I didn't end up with as much as I had hoped, but I was trying to buy only what I could pay for in cash. Didn't happen, but I tried. I ended up with some really cool foods, this one being my most treasured right now.... Oregean Chai Tea It has been a sweet little treat for me this week. I've not been to Starbucks since Tuesday. Having this gem in my fridge is well worth a trip to the states. There are other things I bought. I've taken a pic and will post when I'm home.

The memories for this trip are many. How difficult it is to drive with tears in your eyes from laughing. It is a challenge especially when considering I hate driving in the states. The intersection lights freak me out! LOL I hate driving at night and I'm navigationally challenged beyond what is acceptable for any human being, especially one with a driver's licence.

Oh, I have to tell you about this most adorable Canada Customs Officer we had when coming back in to Canada. Never mind you know all about him already.... awwwww cute boy! Seriously though, it was weird to go through his line. I never do since it's not good for him to know people coming through. We did the drill though and since we didn't spend a lot of money and most of it was food we didn't have to go inside. Just seeing his cute little smile was the perfect end to an awesome day for me.

Krista and Mary will both be reading and I know I've not nearly done justice to the fun we had. I never do. It is too much to try and capture it in written word. You girls are too much and just the best fun!

My parting to you both - Go Boston my ass!!

Love ya,


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