Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Killer Calves and the 6K

This New Balance commercial fits me to a 'T'. The first time I saw this video, I seriously watched with my slack jaw hanging down. It was as though this commercial was calling to me and only me! I love it and I hate it. Pretty much sums up my relationship with the pavement. I love it. I hate it. I love it. I hate. You get the idea. I love the feeling of the burn. I hate the feeling of the burn. I love the sound of the pounding of my feet on the gravel (my favorite sound), I love the feel of the sweat on my skin, I love the sun hitting my shoulders, I love the music pounding in my ears, I love the feeling of accomplishment at the end! I think I'm more in a love relationship with running, as much as I really do hate it. I mentally fight with myself daily about hitting the pavement. Why do I love to hate running, but love running? It drives me insane.

Mentioning insane, I've taken it upon myself, with a little help from a friend to partake in training for a 10K run. I use the word 'friend' loosely! I'm just kidding KP, you know I love you.

I have a running schedule to follow to build up to a 10K run. Today was my first day of what I believe is going to a gruelling time in my life, but something I'm extremely excited about doing. I'm scared to death, truth be told. I'm nervous about failing, letting KP down, and as much as that, I'm afraid of letting myself down too.

My run today was very spur of the moment, but something I figured if I'm thinking about it, I'd better hit the pavement before I talk myself out of it, or put off for another day what could and should be done today! My run went better than I expected, all except for the killing calves. My calves, mostly just my left one, was burning so badly I could have screamed. I pushed through and felt great, although my calf is still really tight. I feel incredible, as I knew I would, as I always do.

Life is going to get extremely busy with what I hope to become a regular running routine and baseball starting up on Sunday and I look forward to both, although I dread the hectic pace of my life come that time. I will continue to update as I progress or slip which ever be the case. Who knows where this running thing will lead me, I do know without a doubt it'll be an adventure.

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