Sunday, April 06, 2008

Smell That?

It really is spring! I just got home from work and on my way to my car I could smell a skunk. I was so happy I was grinning from ear to ear. I love the smell of skunk and I know when I smell one this time of year, in my books, it is officially spring. I'm so excited right now, you have no idea.

That is about all the excitement in my world today - a skunk smell.

I worked this weekend, which is nothing new. I stitched a bit, not near as much as I normally do, but I made a dent on the contribution I want to do with the Paula Vaughan piece I'm working on. I have another couple hours to contribute then I'm mailing it on to the next finisher.

I cleaned up my stitching list today. I still have 11 pieces on my WIP list. I'm slowly making progress on my UFO piece, Halloween Fairy. I should have a pic to share in another couple weeks. I had to do some frogging of her wing. I should have known better than to stitch while my house was under renovation. I will need to place an on-line order for floss because I definitely don't have enough to finish her up. Not a good thing, on-line shopping when I'm trying to cut my spending!

I didn't go to the gym today. I was a lazy bum this morning and hung out at Cute Boy's rather than getting up, coming home and heading to the gym. I did take my dog for a walk though. So she is happy I didn't go to the gym. I don't usually walk her because she doesn't 'need' it with living in the house and running crazy around the backyard. Cute Boy made me feel guilty about not walking her though, saying she may not need it, but was sure she'd like it. Okay, point made. Dog walked! I will try and make this part of my every day. One of the reasons I wanted a small dog after having a Rottweiler, is because I didn't have to walk her, not to mention the social responsibility of a larger dog is much greater than a small dog. People were so afraid of my Rottie, but it really is the Shih Tzu that is more temperamental than the Rottie every dreamed of being! Hmmmm

Anyway, I'm just chattering to chatter with nothing really much to say, other than I smelled a skunk! I love it!!!

Happy days to you!

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