Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm A Big Girl Now

I'm in the midst of a fabulous day.

Some days you just plug away and pretty much go through the motions of living. Today I'm really living and having a great time doing so.

My day was supposed to be about hanging out with Pam, stitching and watching a movie. The day would not play out as planned, but we were able to hang and have a blast just the same.

Our travels were filled with laughter and fun, first stop Starbucks. I know that may surprise some, but I'm nothing if not predictable. I have to admit for the first time, I forgot to read my cup message. Digging in the public garbage can of Rona for a cup message is just not conducive to looking cool and dignified, so this one got away! LOL At Rona, and the plethora of other store's Pam and I stopped in to today, I spent thousands of dollars. Thankfully it was all in my head. I found some beautiful hardwood at Rona, that would be wonderful for the house that Cute Boy and I will hopefully be building.

I had a grown up moment today. It really started yesterday, but grew to it's full potential today. I think I'm growing up some. I want to learn about wine and become a wine drinker. Real wine, not pop-like wine, if you know what I mean. Wine drinking, socially, I mean seems sophisticated and neat to me. I have no clue, but I love the liquor store and shopping there is one of my favorite places to spend money. I'm not much of a drinker, more a tea totaller really, but I'm off to attempt something new. Any advise you have is greatly appreciated.

Pam and I did a little sneaky today. We bought Velda a birthday present. Pam vetoed the idea of giving it to her earlier. Party pooper! :) We did buy her a little journal book that we dropped off to her this afternoon. We got to visit her for about 5 minutes. Not long enough, but a short time is better than no time at all.

The grown up is signing off now. Happy days to you all.

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