Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Yankee Stadium Distance Challenge


Distance Remaining - 485.2KM

1 - 3.9KM running intervals; 4.3KM biking
4 - 3.2KM running intervals
5 - 3.8KM running intervals; 2.7KM biking
*7- 1.5KM running intervals; 5.2KM biking
8 - 2.8KM running intervals; 2.8KM eliptical; 5.7KM biking
11 - 1.6KM running; 5.8KM biking
14 - 2.7K running 3/1's on the street - OMG it was awesome, but killer. Starting over is hard as hell! 4.6K walk with KP
15 - 3.4K running on the street
20 - 9.1 K walk with KP
29 - 6K run/walk (9 days off. Healed the sick stomach and killer blister) I feel ready to make it back to the street consistently.
30 - 5.5K run/walk

* I was running really well, when a lady came up to me because she forgot her watch on the machine. I paused the machine, but in getting her watch, hit the automatic stop button. I couldn't get back in to the swing of it. I'm such a fligthy at times. Oh well, I was doing great and I can do it again!

I'm setting some personal distance goals for myself this month. It has been ages since I've set out some goals for what I want to do as far as my fitness. It used to be a driving force in my life and to see it fall so low on the priority list is heartbreaking. All I really think about is the failed commitment to myself when I let my health and physical well being be put on the back burner. If I don't look after myself, no one else is going to do it for me, nor should they.

Running/Walking - 50KM
Biking - 85KM

I know I can probably hit higher numbers, but I'm trying to take the approach that this is the very first time for me to do this. When I first started running, something I never thought I would like, let known, come to love, I did it by running, what I now know to be called intervals. I would walk for 2 minutes and run at a very low pace for 2 minutes, and then walk for 1 minute and then run for 2 minutes. I built on those numbers so that I was running 45 minutes with a 2 minute warm up and a 3-5 minute cool down. I want that again. When I originally did this, it was this time of year, getting ready for my baseball season. Now is as good a time as any to get on the road to a healthier me! I owe it to myself! Am I convincing anyone, or just really trying to convince myself? No matter. As long as I do it.

April Totals - 74.6KM (410.6)

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