Friday, April 04, 2008

Feeling Funky and a Fabulous Friend!

It is amazing the difference in perspective from this morning to the afternoon.

My day has vastly improved since my post earlier in the day. It could have much to do with Velda! I've never met a more amazing person in my life and to have the honour to call her friend is really my blessing. I have to say I didn't cry and that in itself is amazing. Our time wasn't as full of as much laughter as some visits, but I walked away from my impromptu visit with a full belly of coke, chocolate and french onion soup along with a new perspective.

I love the freedom I have within this friendship. I'm far from perfect, as much as I may lead you to believe otherwise. I'm free to share my faults and imperfections without judgement and in turn I walk away with a greater sense of myself. The scope of conversation covers most everything and anything.

I didn't realize Velda was posting on her blog about me coming over. That would be my first mistake! Knowing Velda as I do, how did I know see this coming??? In that, I would like to thank each of you that posted to Velda's blog sending me hugs. I got them too, because I was still there when she was reading her comments.

After leaving Velda's today I headed to the gym. What an experience that was! Not an especially good one either. The good thing is I ran intervals for about a half hour and gained 2 AP. WOOHOO!!

The not-so-good part of the gym today was that a high school gym class was there. I'm all for young people working out, I really am, but a gym filled with giggling, screaming teenage girls is not conducive to a good work out. I have a couple teenagers of my own, so I know all about this that and the next thing with teenage girls. They were going on about hot guys weight training. This men would be old enough to be your father for goodness sakes. Imagine the nightmare of trying to get ready for work with these kids milling around. No fun! No thanks!

I have a major rant about my gym. This place is starting to drive me nuts. I know they have financial issues. It's not a big secret around town that the gym is struggling to make payments to their creditors.

My last 2 visits to the gym have presented me with no paper cleaning products. That is disgusting at any time, but this time of year... oh gross! Today there was one hair dryer that worked and it was a hot commodity with all those mini princesses preening pretty. The shower that didn't work yesterday was fixed today. I just don't understand the financial issues here. I feel very taken when at this gym. It has some great features and then when I'm faced with stuff like I mentioned, I get so annoyed. Do I really care there is little flowers sitting in a dish beside the sinks? No, I don't. I care about being able to wipe down my machine after sweating like a mad woman all over it. I want to go to the gym to become healthier not pick up some fugal infection! I shall now step down from my soap box! :)

Thank you to each and everyone of you that posted a kind comment in response to my earlier post, as well as the kind comments on Velda's. A little kindness goes a long way.

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