Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spring Training

I can barely contain my excitement knowing today is the start of Spring Training. Catchers and pitchers report today and I, for one, couldn't be happier. This is the beginning of the best part of the year for me. It is for this, I live!

It would be a perfect world for me if I were able to get the American satellite dish service. The YES Network use to be my best friend from April until September, but no longer. I have to get 90% of my updates on the websites and they just don't fill the voild that is now me without the 24/7 access to the Yankees!

I'm looking forward to this new year, with Joba Chamberlain and the new players the Yankees
have picked up. I'm hoping that the steroid garbage subsides and doesn't tarnish the entire season. I'm of a mixed mind with the steroid controversy and will not use my blog to further generate the discussion. I'm not educated enough in the whole sordid mess, but wish it would come to some sort a conclusion and baseball, the actual playing, could move to the forefront once again.

The boys of summer are about the take the field. Enjoy the show! I know, I for one, will be looking forward to the Yankees 2008 season!

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