Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tribute to Pumpkin

It is wondeful this world wide web. It makes the world seem a smaller more intimate place. There are dangers to be wary of, and cautions that should be observed when conversing with others. Are the people really who they are portraying? Who's to know?

I've been a member of a
Cross Stitch Crazy board for so long know, I can't remember how long it actually is anymore. Could it be really all that long, or is my memory finally starting to go? I've found many friends on 'my board' as I fondly refer to it. A kinder group of women, you'll never find. The women that make up this board have held my hand, and cradled my heart in the darkest of times. I could never repay them for the friendship, kindness and support they've graciously bestowed upon me.

I've not been a member of the blogging community all that long, but long enough to know I'm loving it. There are some incredible people to befriend. There is entertaining and thought inspiring posts every single day. There have been posts made world wide, that at one time or another I could have written myself. Google reader has become my best internet friend. It is my first click in the morning while my e-mails come in. I love my e-mail so much more now that I have blogger, because it is through e-mail that I find out if I've said something profound or silly enough to prompt another in the blogger community to respond. I love the comments! They are so true and heartfelt. It brings me a wee smile to know you've thought enough to take time out of your busy day to send a kind word my way.

So, in the title,
Tribute to Pumpkin, I've made a friend in the blogger community. I can't recall how it is I stumbled upon her blog, but I'm certainly glad I did. I love all things fall and pumpkin, so the name caught my eye and the content caught my attention. I remember one of the first posts I read was about her DH losing his job and the subsequent 'OMG moments' of a life changing event. I was intrigued with how this was going to play out for her! I'm glad to report that things are looking up! WOOHOO to you and DH!!!!

Pumpkin, as we both now read up on each others lives, I have to say - I love your blog. It is the first one I read each day you have a new post. You hadn't posted since Monday and I was starting to worry that things were okay with you. I saw that you posted about your nutty squirrels, so all is well. I will rest easy now.

You handle yourself with class and hilarity in your posts, that just keep me coming back for more. I salute your fight of fibromyalgia (my MIL suffers and I feel so much for her, so I can only imagine some of the things you face) and your dealing with your breast cancer. Your post about body image, had me in tears (I couldn't reply - sorry). Your comments on my blog, about my wanting breast implants, I apologize if my posting my desire was insensitive. I still want them, but you make me sit back and rethink my desire. For that, thank you (although I still really want them - sorry for that too)

I'm a Cadbury Creme Egg junkie. I'm not as bad as you, but it was the Egg that had me thinking of this post to honour you. I just inhaled my 5th egg of the year. Now, when I'm craving, buying and inhaling an egg it is with you in mind. Now, isn't that something that warms your heart?!

I see now, no matter how big our world a friend is only a click, a keystoke, or a blog away. I thank you for your blog, I thank you for your comments. I'm not yet sure if I'm going to thank you for my bigger rear end at the end of the Cadbury Creme Egg season. I'll get back to you on that one!

Big hugs to you!

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