Monday, February 18, 2008

Wicked Weekend

I think I need 3 day weekends more often. They would rock, but the money or lack thereof would bite.

I had an extensive list of things I needed/wanted to get done this weekend and as much as I didn't take care of everything on the list, I did lots plus things that I didn't expect to accomplish. So there! Take that house! I win this round!!

The list is long and I will list it, not that I expect anyone to read it all.

  • Primed bathroom door and Lily's bedroom door
  • Primed the door to the laundry room
  • Painted the picture frame I want to hang in the bathroom
  • Vacuumed computer room of drywall dust. Not once, but twice!
  • Sanded both closet headers
  • Primed both closet headers
  • Bin painted (stain covering paint) the trim
  • Cleaned the spare room. You can actually move in there now
  • Cleaned the kitchen area from being a dumping ground. Made Lily smile, so was worth effort
  • Washed the living room floor
  • Did all the laundry
  • Shovelled the driveway some - hate this job!
  • Put out the garbage
  • Painted the attic door
  • Cleaned some of the garage. Looks worse than ever!
  • Touched up paint on Lily's ceiling
  • Cut and installed new transition piece for Lily's bedroom floor
  • Painted the kitchen and put it back together again. Stuff on the walls! WOOHOO Lily helped with the painting. Actually, she didn't most of it. That kid rocks!

For fun this weekend I watched Nascar on Sunday, after doing open houses with Lily. Nothing much to report on that front. Not much to report on the Nascar front either. The Hendricks Team did not have a great showing on Sunday, minus Dale Jr.! That was cool. Poor Jimmie.

I stitched this weekend which wasn't a success either. It was more frogging than not. I had to pull out another full section. I hadn't thought about any further mistakes from my mistake from my frogging a couple weekends ago, but I should have. I had a line placed wrong that I discovered about a month ago and just last night I realized I counted the 2 following lines in the verse from an incorrect spot. It was heart wrenching to frog, but it wasn't something I could fudge nor something I would want to fudge with this particular piece. It means too much to me to be making it up as I go, especially this far in.

My most recent setback will hinder my goal of finishing this piece in February. I have to remember stitching is about the journey and it is not a race. I still very much love this piece and look forward to being able to pick it up again. I made sure to complete all frogging so I could pick it up again knowing all was good with it and it was forward progress rather than the backwards slide I've been experiencing as of late. Maybe I should put my stitching away until things are settled in my personal life because I've never had so many frogging episodes ever!

I do have pics to show of my kitchen but my picture program is being a crap head as we speak, so they will have to wait for another day.

Okay, I couldn't give up so easily. I don't all the pics, but here are a few that will at least give an idea of the difference.

This was taken waaaaay back when...

These were taken earlier this evening. Big difference!

Until next time, happy stitching days to you!

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