Friday, February 01, 2008

Crazy Train

I'm in a bit of a mood today. I'm not sure what kind of mood, but a mood!

I woke up this morning, obviously I woke up, or I'd be dead. Right? See what I mean? I'm in that kind of mood. I'm driving those around me a little bit crazy. I see nothing new in that, but they seem to think I've taken it up a notch today. I think it's more them than me, in fact I know it is.

I weighed in this morning. No change 129.6 still. I don't know how the scale is not moving. I've been eating like crap! I would expect it to be moving up, but staying the same??? I didn't believe the number on the scale and when I say I didn't believe it, I didn't. I got down on my knees and stuck my face right into the readout. I don't know what I expected to see, but I was looking anyway. Now keep in mind, my body was no longer on the scale. Seriously, what was I expecting to see?

As much as my renovations have come to somewhat of a standstill I'm still lovin' my new bathroom. It is so much better laid out and I'm loving it. It is translating to an easier time getting ready in the morning and better hair days all around. Is it possible that a new bathroom could prompt better hair days? I guess is possible, because I'm living the dream! If I'd known that I'd have pushed harder to get the bathroom renovated long ago! Oh, and another thing... good hair day AND I'm wearing my sassy red boots. I don't wear them often, but today the mood fits!

I head out in the mini blizzard that just started as I'm about to walk out the door. I was really hoping when I woke up to no snow accumulation that the storm had passed us by.... WRONG. The storm was just starting as I headed out the door. Oh joy, oh bliss!

I started my morning commute with a little Keith! Keith Urban starting your day, no matter what you're faced with Keith can make it all better. I haven't told you lately, so I'll do it now. I love Keith Urban! Off to Starbuck's Keith and I head. It is Friday and I'm TRYING to limit myself to once-a-week Starbuck's. All is good, I order my tall, non-fat, chai tea latte and, pay for my tall, non-fat, chai tea latte. I stand patiently, okay, not so patiently at the bar and am presented with a Grande, non-fat, chai tea latte. Score one for the little guy - me! I point out the error and barista girl says, 'oh that's okay, have some on us". Well, darn tootin' I'll have one on ya! I'll have it all on my arse too. Getting more than you pay for is always awesome, but now I have to count the points for a larger size... a larger size arse too! I forewarned you, I'm in a mood!

I'm at work now and as I said in the beginning I've been a freak today! If I make it out of this day with a job, I'll be doing well! Kathy and I, and I blame it all on Kathy, have been having fits of laughter. I think it is just the other side maniacal to be completely honest with you! She presented me with a Cadbury Easter Creme Egg. This will be my 3rd of the year. I'm going nowhere close to Pumpkin's target of 40 eggs this year. At 6 points per egg I'm going to try and keep them to a minimum. How am I doing so far?

This Cadbury Creme Egg brought me quite a measure of joy and still does as it stares back at me from my very messy desk. I want to eat him sooooo bad, but I will hold out. I've not said how long I'd hold out, but I will put up a pretty good fight. The best part of the egg is the ensuing conversation. Sex versus Chocolate! More on that in a future post.

I think in a nutshell, I've summed up my day. It is crazy. I am crazy. Those around me are crazy. The weather is crazy. It is crazy train here today and I want to get off. Wait a minute, I'm driving the crazy train today. Will someone help me get off?

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