Thursday, January 31, 2008

January Comes To A Close

January saw a month of many changes. It is hard to imagine the first month of this new has drawn to a close. Time flies and I know this to be true more now than ever.

January started off with a bang. I did my Resolution Run, which seems like ages ago. I started out strong at the gym, that has since faltered. I didn't start off because of New Year's Resolution, but because I want to slim down again, but more importantly I want muscle definition back and to feel healthy! Krista is a great support, but I've rebuffed her invites to the gym that a few days ago, she didn't even ask me along. Poor thing! Hugs, hon!

Todd and I looked at a house, loved it, looked at it again, bid on it and lost it! Damn it! It was THE house. Now we're in the process of figuring out what to do next. Do we buy, do we build? Oh, the decisions of a woman on the go! Since the whole house thing has begun, I've barely slept which is part and parcel why I'm struggling at the gym. No excuses, just what I see to be a cause for my lackluster drive for life right now.

This first month of the new year has seen the start of renovations on my house. I ALMOST have a completely renovated bathroom. It won't be too much longer and it will be finished. I have new doors on all the rooms with new knobs. Looking very spiffy, if I do say so myself. The basement now has a drywall ceiling.

January stitching progress was amazing considering how much I worked and how much work has been done around my house. I was able to stitch 41 hours 40 minutes on 3 pieces. I worked on Job's Tears, Love with a Capital L and Halloween Fairy. I eliminated 3 pieces from my list of current WIP. I just don't think the one gift will be well received, and the other 2, I don't see the person/people enough to commit this kind of time into a gift for them. I feel a little bad for that, but maybe in the future if the relationship changes with the last 2 pieces, I can pick them back up. All three pieces, I love they are, Paula Vaughan's Here Comes the Bride, Hydrangea Harvest, and Mirabilia's Middy. It made me a bit sad to scratch them from my list, but the flip side is I also felt a tremendous weight lift off my shoulders.

February is going to be another busy month. I'm hoping to have the renovations completed on my house and have it on the market by mid February. Todd and I will then have no choice but to make a decision about what we're gonig to do.

February stitching is going to be a good month too, I can tell already. I have 3 pieces that are so close to finished. I should see 2, if not 3 pieces finished. It will be the 3 of the 4 pieces I worked on in January. I think the closest to finished would be Love with a Capital L, followed by Halloween Fairy, then Job's Tears. To say I'm excited is an understatement!

Happy stitching days to you all.

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