Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times

I just got home from going out for dinner with Kurt, Krista and Mark. It was a very spur of the moment outing and I'm glad I decided to go. I've been so house overwhelmed as of late, so getting out has been good for the soul. It was good food, but the conversation was crappy! Sorry, KP I had to do it!

Last night I went out with Krista. It's been a while since we've had a chance to hang out. We did the Starbuck's and then did some shopping at Home Depot. I'm sure Krista just had a barrel of laughs in there. I made it quick though. Just 2 new door knobs, showed her the laminate flooring and then we were out an on to Pier One Imports.

The house I was telling you about yesterday, the lady had a beautiful wooden table in her dining room. I resisted as long as could and then finally broke down and asked where she got the table. Pier One Imports. Of course, first opportunity I'm at Pier One looking around. The table she had was no longer in the store, but there is a beautiful table there right now. It is on sale too, 50% off. I know I would love to buy and it would pretty much do what I'm wanting, but I just can't justify the money right now. I want to convince myself something awful, but I must stay strong.

I'm going out again on Friday night. Krista, Mary and myself are going to Lisa's for the evening. It promises to be a great laugh. It always is when we're all together. Usually it is only Mary, Krista and myself, but we've now added Lisa to the mix! I love it. We don't get together as often as we would like, as you can imagine co-ordinating 4 schedules of 4 very busy women, it gets to be a challenge. I think some times that makes the time together that much more special.

I've never been one to make friends with girls all that well. That is until recently. I have some incredible girlfriends. I couldn't be more blessed with the women I call 'friend'. Each friend fits a different need and demands different things from me. When I say demands, I in no way mean 'demands' as a negative. I guess, brings out something different in me. It is wonderful. I get to be me, the real me and they still love me for that. What could be better. Each friend has come in to my life at different times, in different ways and represents a small piece of me on so many levels. I truly am blessed with the quality of women I have surrounding me! For those of you that read my blog, I thank you and I love you.

For those friends of mine, that are Internet friends, you too, represent something very real and special to me. You're my far away 'out there' friends. It is a wonderful feeling to get up in the morning, after a late night blog post and read your comments. To know you took the time out of your day to give me a boost, a kind word, a kick in the or whatever it is you've done. I thank you too. Never for a minute under estimate the value of your typewritten word. I thank you too, and count myself blessed with your support and friendship in my life.

I love you!

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