Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Wonders of Sleep - Long Winded Life Chatter

Does life's outlook ever change when you get a good night's sleep. I'm up and ready to face the world today with a full 8 hours sleep, minus 15 minutes. Minus 15 minutes, you ask? Settle in I'll tell you a little funny about this handsome man! I'm sleeping like a dream, I can't remember what time it was exactly, but I'm sleeping away and little man decides he wants to say hello. You see, I usually lock Tip (that's his name) up in the basement at night, because he is a cat that will meow 24/7 regardless of his food dish level, water, cuddles, whatever. He also has a wake up time from his previous owners of about 5am... no thank you! So, a little history there about handsome man. Last night I'm getting ready for bed and Tip is in my bed snuggled in to the chenille throw I have haphazardly laying on my bed - ya right it's staged. Tip's all cuddled in, one of his favorite spots to sleep and I didn't have the heart, probably the energy, to move him. I made sure I slept with the bedroom door open so he could access his box and off to bed I went. He doesn't really move too much in the night, so I was confident he wouldn't wake me. Who was I kidding, he wouldn't wake me? As I said I'm sleeping away only be woken by this strange feeling on my eyes. At whatever time Tip decided he wanted to start the day, he came up stood in front of my face and oh so gently rubbed his darling soft paws over my eyelids. I turned over to hide my face on one side and about 15 minutes later found my face on the other side of the bed and did it again. I felt like I was in some sort of strange horror movie where the slasher character has an obsession with eyes or something. If I wasn't laughing and truly wanting to do bodily harm to Mr. Kitty I would have been major creeped out. He does this paw touching thing every time I'm at the computer, actually he's doing it right now as I type this, but I'm telling you, it is some kind of different in the dark dead of night and on my eyes!

Lesson learned - A male of any species in your bed at night is going to lose you some sleep and depending on the specific male, might just scar you for life and creep you out in the process!

Now, on to more day to day of my life. Alyssa was over last night... my goodness what a child. I don't even know where to begin with her anymore. Her and Mike are moving out of their own place and back to his mother's.... funny how she didn't ask to move home. Too many rules from good old mom. I don't even know what to do. I just keep listening even though the message and words are not what I want to hear. She thinks in her infinite wisdom of 17 she's got it all figured out. She still reaps the benefits of my life and doesn't follow a single rule. I sometimes want to cut the string and draw the hard line, 'you want to not follow the rules and venture out on your own, then stop coming to me for most everything'. She just doesn't seem to get it. Have I failed her as a parent? I think so. She has these ideas of grandeur and dreams (dreams are good), but doesn't see the challenges she's put in front of her that she may never be able to overcome. Children, and yes she's a child, should be living at home, going to school, working part time jobs to save money, buy clothing, go to movies (I know times have changed). Girls of 16 shouldn't be wanting to have sleepovers with boyfriends, and hang out all hours of the night and then when things don't work out, hit the highway! It just breaks my heart. This situation between had outside manipulative forces, I know this and she now sees it, but it will never be the same. A child that leaves home at 16 - really why? I know there are success stories out there, but what if her story isn't a successful one?

Stitching updates:
Not as much progress on Love as I would have liked last night. Work was weird, so stitching time was a little wonky. I had a wee visit from the frog, which I knew was coming. I miscounted when I went from one sheet to another. Don't worry ladies I won't send him your way. I made short work of him, I stomped him down and out!

Dani - I'm only working 5 hours per piece once around just because the pieces have been dormant, some for more than a year. I will then choose another of my pieces, probably Job's Tears and work on it as I am with Love until it's finished. I'm hoping this 5 hour thing might help in regards to whether I really want to do certain pieces. I've never scrapped a piece before, but I'm a little fearful it might happen. Sad, but true.

I'm off now to the myriad of jobs that call my name. I'll be back with an update this afternoon after the real estate guy has been here. I'm hoping I'm on the right track with what I'm focusing my time and money on!

You girls rock! Love ya bunches!!!

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