Sunday, January 06, 2008

Headless Fairy Wonder

My headless Halloween Fairy. I was only supposed to work on her for an hour today, but I was sailing along so well, I couldn't put the needle down.

I love how she has no head! I do this with many of my pieces. I know, V, it freaks you out. Just wait until I my next piece and it has a face and no eyes. You love that even more, eh? The reason for this headless wonder is because I start some pieces in the middle and I dislike stitching up so much I work over and down. Notice she has one arm and one leg. She is quite talented a fairy to be able to be so beautiful and balance so gracefully.

When I was almost finished stitching her today I noticed there is a mistake somewhere in her bodice. I will have to figure it out our next time together. Like it or not the wee girl might be getting herself a breast reduction. Poor wee thing!

Thanks so much for looking.

Happy stitching days to you.

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