Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Resolution Run and Snow To The Heavens

Well well well! What a way to start the day and better yet, the New Year.

I really started my day all snug as a bug cuddled in close to that special someone. All days that start this way, are bound be amazing days. That cuddly snugly feeling didn't last long or at least not long enough. Todd, you are one hell of a man. I'm so in awe of the feelings you bring out in me. Another day and another gift I have in my life in sharing my days with you. How lucky can a girl get?

I wasn't out of bed for a half hour before I was being ushered out the door with a kiss and 'have fun', said in jest because of the snow that was hovering somewhere around my knees. Out the door and on my way to the New Year's Day 5K Resolution Run. I'm not much of a runner, to the point I wouldn't even call myself a runner. Not just yet, but eventually I hope to consider myself worthy of the title.

Here is my badge of honour

Krista and I hit the trails and can I say for just one second, although she deserves so much more than I can say in a simple second. This girl is amazing! She is the most supportive and driven runner I've the honour to call friend. I'm a wimp and I know it, but I still try. I will quit too soon and as much as she knows this she lets me - to a point. Then all of a sudden there she is right back at me with a "come on TT" I love you girl!

As the distance was put behind us, I was behind Krista... surprise surprise. I know at times I hold her back and I don't like to, so at the last KM, I told her to go ahead I would walk a bit longer. Little trooper she is, on she pushed. I think I like this part best. She finished a minute or so ahead of me (sorry I can't remember the exact time), but as I come over the hill to the finish line, there she is waiting for me. I loved that feeling. Again, as much as I'm not at her level, she's right there rooting me on! As I'm closer to the finish line I hear Krista holler out, "Come on TT" Well, I'm telling you, my heart almost burst out of my chest. I've never felt so alive in all my life! Amazing something for fun, something I was petrified of doing and I'm feeling like a million bucks, as dog tired as I was, I felt on top of the world.

Krista, I love you and thank you sweetie!

My first official run ever and I finished with a time of 37m 47s. Not too bad, I guess. I have nothing to compare it too. I know I feel amazing and this will be something I will be looking into doing again. Hopefully minus the snow up to my rear end, but I guess all in all it's what makes memories, right.

A pic of me prior to the start of our adventure.

In case I've not said it lately. Those of you I love, those that I see daily and those I don't, know I am so blessed to share with you the wonders of every day and gift of friendship and family.

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