Sunday, January 13, 2008

Still Plugging Away

I was off work this weekend. I'm doing a full time stint for another girl. I work part time and work most weekends, but right now I'm covering a full timer and when a full timer goes off for an extended time, I work her shifts. The money is awesome and right now I need the money, what with all the things going on around the house lately.

I had a relaxing weekend as well as a semi productive weekend. I got more stuff trashed and sorted for The Goodwill. I have another bag and a box of books to be donated. I'm on a limited garbage disposal, 2 bags per week, so getting rid of the garbage is going to take me a bit longer. I know eventually I'm going to have to do a major run to the dump, but I want to donate or sell as much as I can before I just start trashing things.

Todd and I have a major appointment tomorrow. I'm a bit apprehensive about the visit, but more excited than anything. I'm not sure what is to come of it, but we'll see. When I know something and I've processed it to make sense in my own head, I'll let you know what's up. Say a little prayer for us!

I went shopping today at Home Depot. How I love shopping at HD! What I wouldn't give to win a shopping spree there. Oh, the dreams of little girls. I bought the plug covers, switches and power receptacles for the changing of my electric outlets and stuff. Not sure when it's going to be getting done exactly, but me being me I want to be prepared and be as little an inconvenience as possible.

An update of sorts with Lil. She is a little better as of late. She's not excited, don't get me wrong. She's not as chilly nor is she as hostile. I guess the best description to fit the mood right now is indifference. I think indifference might be it. It's an improvement and that is I can ask for at the moment.

Off to my Love With A Capital L. I'm missing my stitching as of late so I'm trying to put an hour into it before I start to resent all the house stuff and then burn out in the process.

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