Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How's The Head?

Well, I started on the purging of the stuff! If you can believe it, I'm still alive to blog about it too. I'm as surprised about that as anyone.

I started cleaning stuff out from under the stairs. The fun got under way after I got home from taking Lily to work. I thought it would be less traumatizing if I did it while she was gone. Well, she's home now and the attitude is front and center again, so I ask myself, what was the point?

My goodness, some of the stuff under those stairs is enough frighten small children. Krista came over to help me with the lugging of boxes. Sweet girl she is, frightened of spiders and all. To my amazement, I didn't see a single critter. The space isn't as restrictive as a crawl space, but you do have to be careful of whacking your head or jabbing your head with a stair nail. Well, whacking the head happened 3x between Krista and I. I smacked myself twice and Krista only once. I say only, as though it wasn't all that bad. The sounding thunk of her head hitting that beam I can still hear it. I'm sure she can still feel it. Sorry, KP, but that was too funny. You know when something hurts, and hurts bad, but you're standing there laughing although what you're feeling is anything but funny. Well, this was definitely one of those moments. I'm still laughing, again sorry, KP, but I can barely type this from laughing so hard - still! KP, how's the head? See, blog title in honour of you! Aren't ya proud? You're famous!

All the boxes are now scattered around the basement computer room and rec room. I've gone through most of them. The girls still have to go through their special boxes and I have a couple that I will have to go through as well. There are so many memories in those boxes. It fills me with joy, peace and a bit of heartache to see in these boxes, my children in my mind's eye through their little doll babies and clothes. It's like a short walk down memory lane with every toy or dress. I can't remember all the toys, but the clothes I can pretty much remember the reason I wanted to keep each dress or outfit. Where did the time go, from those little bundles of joy to the critters I'm surrounded with today? One is upstairs, I'm sure feeling as though her life is about to end. I know differently, but from the perspective of a 14 y.o. girl, life is over as she knows it.

So far I have 4 empty plastic bins and I've created 2 bags of garbage and 4 bags to go to The Goodwill. All in all good night's work with not a lot of time to be had in getting it done.

Still lots to do, but I'm feeling accomplished today. I was up before 5am this morning. I hit the gym, worked all day, did some shopping with Lil, took her to work and have picked her up, got this sorting started, had Starbucks with Krista and some laughs, cruised in her new car - cool wheels. I'm now heading to bed to get my butt rested to do it all over again tomorrow.

I feel like a drama queen about this whole Lily moving thing, I really do. I'm so finished with living in a stressful situation and I hate distention. I'm out of a marriage that was full of it, and to be dealing with some of the same feelings from her is more than I feel I have the strength to give. Please keep us (me) in your thoughts as this transition period looms closer and closer, now that this moving ball is starting to roll.

What would I do without this forum and the most amazing women, some I've the honour of knowing and some I don't know to help me through these situations? You have no idea how much I appreciate your support, even that from 'strangers', and I use the label strangers loosely, very loosely! Thanks so much!

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