Monday, January 21, 2008

BOO! Said the headless girl

Still plugging away on this little gem. I'm at 20 hours and figure it will take me another 20 hours, so I'm about half way through. I really love this piece and still don't know how I let it sit so long in the discarded, but hopeful pile. How and why do I do that?

I made some good progress on Job's Tears yesterday. I finished the sewing machine. Oh my goodness, is it gorgeous. I've about another 4 hours before I'll do another update photo. I'm hoping to find the time this week. It is unlikely I will, but the intention is there and that is the important part.

I read on Bliss' blog yesterday about her giving a gift of stitching and it not being well received. I've had it happen to me, not to this extreme, but a gift not be appreciated. I've also had it go the other way too, to the point of embarrassment because the people were so touched. I talked with Pam about one of the gift I'm stitching for a girl at work for her retirement this December and we came to the conclusion that I should scrap the idea. I'm not upset about it, I think I feel relief to not have another project deadline hanging over my head. I also wonder if the sense of relief doesn't come from knowing in my heart of hearts it might not be completely appreciated. The woman is a sweetheart, but just may not have the appreciation of what is involved, as much as she is able to see the time invested since I do a lot of stitching while at work.

The SAT is over on the Cross Stitch Board. I will be back later tonight with an after picture of Love. I had to work on other pieces for the SAT because I ran out of floss for Love and have yet to hit Michael's to pick up more. I would have made incredible progress if not for that! Darn it!!!!

I really need to run since I should be getting ready for work.

Happy Stitching Days to you.

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