Wednesday, January 23, 2008

He Is Lucky He's Cute

I'm sitting out in the computer room composing my previous post. I look in at my stitching and what do I see? This little critter curled up on my stitching. I grab my camera to get a pic, move very slowly to get a shot of him and hope he doesn't dart off.

Oh, don't worry about him darting off. He was so not in the mood to care about me taking pics. He looked up once, let me get the shot then snuggled back in. Devil cat!

This cat is so funny about my stitching. He is really very skittish and hesitant to human touch. You can't pick him up, he absolutely hates it. His entire body will freeze, with a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. He has only been in our home since mid-July, a graduation gift for Lily and we are still learning about him. He is a rescue from a local Humane Society, so I know nothing of his history or what it is he's experienced that makes him so nervous. Maybe it's better I don't know. Just love him now that he is mine and Lil's.

Whenever I get my stitching out, no matter where he is, he comes to be with me. He usually curls up on my lap. You can imagine how difficult it is to stitch with a hulk of a cat on your lap. I think maybe his former family may have crafted or something. Another thought brought to my attention is that when I stitch I'm completely relaxed (I'm very hyper by times) and he may sense the calm vibes and wants to cuddle in. I don't know, but he is darn lucky he's so cute.

Back to my stitching after I very gently move kitty from his place of honour.

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