Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rotation Changes Coming

I know! I know! I know. It's all been heard before. This time I'm changing things up a bit out of a possible life change for the person I'm stitching it for, not because of my whimsical ways with needle.

I'm stitching Job's Tears for a friend. Her life is taking a turn and where the turn may lead is questionable, so I've decided to focus on Job's Tears until it is finished. I may not need this piece finished as quickly as I think I might, and I certainly hope not, but I'm going to put forth my best effort to get it done sooner rather than later.

Job's Tears was going to be my next focus piece anyway, so I've only really changed things around by about 40-50 hours. I think that is about how much I have left to do on Love.

Without further adieu, Job as of my last update 60 hours. Now I do have quite a bit more done, but done have the time today to get another picture taken. Maybe tomorrow at work before I start working on it I'll be able to snap a quick picture.

Happy stitching to you all.

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