Wednesday, January 23, 2008

End of Day 2 of Bathroom Renovations

This would be a partial shot of the linen tower and the vanity.

A shot of the toilet and tub. The tub and toilet are white as much as they look beige against the very white of the vanity.

Another shot of vanity and linen tower from a different angle.

My shower still doesn't have walls, but I need to bath. I haven't bathed or showered all day today and I feel like a grunge monkey, to say the least. I'm going to have to bath in my new tub with the plastic protective cover still on it. Scott asked me to keep it on so that when he's installing the barker tile tomorrow the tub is still somewhat protected. Oh, how I'm looking forward to this bath. NOT!!

I have to work tomorrow so Scott is going to have to come her while I'm gone to work. Had I realized he wouldn't be finished today, I would have had Princess stay home this evening. I'm not concerned with Scott being around when I'm not here, but it will definitely upset the poor dog. Poor baby girl.

Here's to hoping that tomorrow sees the end of the bathroom renovations. I know this bathroom has been a big job, but I wonder is he slow or am I impatient. I know he's a perfectionist which I appreciate, but this has been a process to say the least. Maybe it just seems like a long time since I've barely left the house in 2 full days and I'm exhausted.

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