Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Busy Work

I've been all up in my head with waiting for stuff to get done around here. I know! I know! I know! You've heard that already. :) I can't sit still for much more than a minute and when you do catch me sitting still, rest assured my mind is racing even if my body is not. So, to burn off anxious, impatient energy I've been busy with this little gem

I'm trying to prepare things to 'stage' my house and this is one the of the things I've tackled in the push to do so. I've had this dresser for years. It actually belonged to my in-laws, they gave to it myself and him when we got our own place, so that would be almost 15 years ago now, or somewhere thereabouts. I'm too lazy to actually do the math.

I'm in need of filler for staging my house and I figured with the country type decorating I have going on in my rec room this piece would be perfect. You can see there are funky knobs on it and not all. I'm using the knobs temporarily until I figure out what I'm going to use for the final knobs. Right now, I'm using these just so I can get the drawers open. I'm not keen on the top decorating. I'll leave that for a few days until I get a feeling of what pieces I have around the house and re-do it once I'm inspired by something. I love both pieces individually, but together they are too similar and too close in height. I'll keep thinking!

You can see some heat gun marks as well. When I first made the mistake of the gun being to long in one spot, or too close to the wood I almost cried, better yet, to keep this blog honest, I almost puked. Not very ladylike, I know, but truth be told that was the honest to goodness reaction I had. Now, as I look at the wood, I'm okay with it. It will just add to more character. Being this is the first piece of furniture I've ever stripped, I'm glad I was going for the older worn, distressed look. Lets just say I lucky I don't aspire to make money from working with my hands and wood. I'd be homeless in a heartbeat.

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